This Ain’t No Sex Tape

Many comedians share the same personality traits, regardless whether or not you’re in Los Angeles or Saskatoon. We have this inherent need to be liked, loved, or this need to seek approval from large groups of people. We aren’t the most confident bunch and we fail lots.  Most importantly, once a comedian figures out how to write once they find their voice, they have the unique ability to take any situation in life, whether it be personal or something in the world and put a unique comedic slant on it. The other characteristic that most comedians around these parts (at least) share is an interesting one. Most of them don’t like to be taped. Most won’t record themselves either. I have had a few comedians give me grief, nervously inquiring if...

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Bury The Garbage. Now Walk Away. Keep Walking.

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, things were drastically different for me.  I tried to jump start a relationship, and my plans to go to the USA were on hold due to a serious personal issue.  Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood to do comedy, much less anything else.  By the end of November of 2015 I was beyond gassed both physically and emotionally. Fast forward exactly one year later and what a difference a year makes.  I have booked my trip to head to Los Angeles and with a positive outlook and a clear head, it’s been easier to write material for both the Carnac character and for my regular stand-up sets too. This summer was definitely the worst and the most disappointing in recent memory, aside from the garden and dinner...

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