The Decision


Welcome to my blog!

If you are wondering why I decided to do this, allow me to explain.

First of all, I’m not like you.  Don’t take that the wrong way though.  I think everyone should celebrate their differences.  But lately I get the sense that people are going through life playing it safe, doing the same things over and over again thinking they’re something special, which all of us are in our own way, but mundane, boring and predictable are words not used to describe me.  In everything I’ve done in my life thus far, I’ve done it primarily to grow as a person.  Sometimes the tasks may seem too big, too tough to complete, but I still forge ahead, because that’s how I am.  Just because I don’t know how to get to the end of my goal doesn’t mean I just sit on my hands like some people I know.

Anyhow, I love to write, and am a very good communicator of what’s going on inside this head on most days.  I have a creative mind that I have been able to put to use in my political work, literacy tutoring and karaoke leagues.  But after I won an award from the last karaoke league, I felt like I had nothing to prove to myself anymore.  Every performance I did was different, I was one of the few people in the league where you didn’t really know what I was going to do.  I thrive on that responsibility, on that challenge to be creative. I can’t be like my family, where there is routine every day.  I like variety, I love a challenge, and this could help me grow, and my friends would be there to watch it evolve.

Which brings me to the summer of this year.  I went to the Great Plains comedy festival and saw some of Canada’s best comics that I grew up watching on t.v.  I saw that they had fun, were confident, comfortable on stage, had a quick wit, and more importantly, they could write.  I saw the performers towards the end of the Sunday night show at Beily’s and I saw how they were new and didn’t have a lot of stage experience.  Then it clicked within me.  I’ve been in radio, and hosted karaoke for years.  I can keep an audiences attention and do the things that some of these guys didn’t know how to do yet.

So I started the process of writing jokes as I planned my debut for Monday, October 3rd.  Well, little did I know that when I put that announcement on my FB page, a headliner told me there was a comedy competition going on at that time, so I could have 3 of the first four weeks of the competition to be on stage!

In the next couple days, I will write about the lead up to the big debut, and how that night in October went down.

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