Ideas For A “Personality” Onstage


I am so completely bored today that I thought I’d try to write about a topic that will generate feedback from comics and the comedy audience alike.

Within the last few shows I’ve been able to bring some attitude, enthusiasm and personality to the stage.  It’s helped my performances and received a positive reaction from most.  I know that a personality is needed onstage, because in comedy it’s not enough for people just to listen to you.  They need to be entertained by who you are, otherwise comedy clubs wouldn’t exist and everyone would be listening to stand-up on the satellite radio channels.

So, what I’ve done is thought about some of my favourite comics to watch.  They have a persona onstage that is unique and draws people in.  Some stand up and perform, while one that really sticks out in my mind sat the whole time during his performance, yet he was a comic you wanted to watch (you’ll see what I mean in a minute).  So, without further delay, here are some of my favourites and why, with links to their performances.


He committed suicide after struggling with depression for years, and it shows a bit in his act that he has confidence issues, you just could never tell if they were real or part of his act, because he was just that good.  He co-starred with Jim Carey in The Mask, and had his own t.v. show called The Platypus Man.  He’s a bit neurotic, self-deprecating and most of all….funny.


He is big in the UK now, but he was one of Canada’s better comics.  He sits down for this entire set, but there’s something about him that would draw a person to actually watch.  What do you think it is?


Oh my word.  If there is ever a comic to bring to Saskatoon,this guy is it!!!! I heard a radio podcast where they interviewed him, and he was personable, articulate and funny.  Absolutely nothing like his act.  This made me piss myself the first time I watched it.


He is the best.  People talk about Louis CK, but Dave is the best, in my opinion.  He’s hilarious, very unpredictable going from topical stuff to sex.


He’s an English comic, has a very distinct style.  He simply stands there and makes an audience laugh with his wit.


Well, those guys each have their own unique style which probably took them years to develop.  I don’t know what mine will be yet, or if I will have one, but it’s always fun to think outside of the box, isn’t it?

Your comments, as always, are welcome!  My next blog will be probably Thursday night after attending the opening of the new comedy club in the city.

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