Welcome To The Stand-Up Diaries!

Have you ever seen a stand-up comedian, whether it be live, on YouTube or television and wonder what it’s really like? Studies show that more people fear public speaking over death! Imagine then what doing comedy must be like!

The Stand-Up Diaries will help put into perspective what it’s like to be a comedian, both on and off the stage. Trevor Dean is a Regina born, Saskatoon based comedian who, since December of 2011 wanted to share his comedy experiences with the world. Over 6 years he has amassed an audience of over 33,000 readers spanning over 110 countries around the world! Yes, Trevor really did have to open his atlas to see if some of those countries existed.

It’s authentic and no-holds barred with a dash of humour thrown in.

Trevor has received comedy coaching, yes…… you read that right. Trevor has a comedy coach. He is now under the tutelage of Jerry Corley, founder of The Stand-Up Comedy Clinic in Burbank, California. Jerry wrote the hit movie Stretch (click the movie title for the preview link), which became a hit on iTunes and Amazon. He also was a writer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and recently went overseas to teach the art of stand-up comedy to students in Moscow! His father, Pat Corley, was a character actor and played the bartender on the hit series Murphy Brown.

Through Skype sessions, Jerry has helped Trevor to hone his material, thus dispelling the notion that “either you have it or you don’t” when it comes to performing stand-up. Comedy is like anything else in life. You can learn anything if you are willing to invest the time.

In 2017 Trevor went to Los Angeles to meet Jerry and perform at one of the most popular clubs in Los Angeles, and then went to Oakland to take part in a comedy competition aptly known as The Comedy Machine.

Some of the venues Trevor performed at couldn’t take anymore, so they closed down! Of course, we don’t mean that in a bad way. Here is a list of places past and present, that he has graced the stage at:


  • The Comedy Lab
  • Bud’s On Broadway
  • The Laugh Shop
  • Crackers
  • Beily’s
  • Lydia’s
  • The Woods Alehouse
  • Earl’s


  • The Laugh Shop
  • The Comedy Grind
  • Relay For Life
  • fundraiser for The Regina Food Bank
  • fundraiser for victims of domestic violence


  • The Sticks

Los Angeles:

  • Dope Fades online comedy show
  • Flappers Comedy Club


  • The Comedy Machine

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