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What is this?

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.  Just kidding!  This is actually a blog that a lot of people hate and make fun of, but enough about my parents.  The Stand-Up Diaries (TSUD for short) was created by comedian Trevor Dean (not my real name) in late 2011.  Originally the idea was to give my friends an insiders look into the world of stand-up comedy.  Over time however it’s become more about my personal journey in comedy.

Why did you get into comedy?

In the summer of 2011 I saw a newbie comic come on last, after the headliners.  He ate it something fierce, with the only laughs coming from the very last joke he told.  I sat back and thought “hey, I have the basic tools to do this”, so I gave it a go instead of going back into provincial politics.

Where can we find you?

In addition to my YouTube videos of my sets, I also have a pair of Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts.  One is for Trevor Dean and the other is for Carnac the Mediocre.  You can find all my videos from YouTube by clicking the videos tab on the home page.

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What did you just say?  Carnac was a Johnny Carson character.  Isn’t it illegal for you to do this?

I know those are two questions and a statement, but bear with me for a moment.

I am hoping to develop Carnac into an attraction for corporate shows down the road, or comedy clubs.  The idea for Carnac was developed by me.  With the help of a former writer for the Tonight Show, he suggested that I go with the name “Mediocre” instead of “Magnificent” that Carson used.  According to the copyright laws, I can copy the original Carnac right down to the jokes if I wanted to, but I would have to change the name.  Changing the name makes it a parody, and perfectly legal.  The character is in its infancy, so it’s quite possible that the name of the character will change.  For now I keep it as Carnac because it’s the easiest way for people to associate with.  Also, ALL Carnac jokes have been written in conjunction with Jerry Corley, founder of the Stand-Up Comedy Clinic.

The Stand-Up Comedy Clinic?  Is that a school for sick comedians?

Again, totally aware it’s two questions here.  The Stand-Up Comedy Clinic is based out of Burbank, California by Jerry Corley.  He is a professional comedian, former writer for the Tonight Show and head writer for the hit film Stretch.  His students graduate getting paid gigs and t.v. spots quickly.

Other comedians can’t tell you why jokes work.  Students of Jerry’s learn audience psychology understand how and why audiences react the way they do.  This allows me to write more material in six months than some local guys come up with in two years. For example, From October to December of 2016 I wrote 20 pages of material.

Are you really going to Los Angeles in 2017 to perform comedy?

The answer is yes.  I will be performing at two of Southern California’s top clubs in The Comedy Store and Flappers.  The sets will be broadcast live on my comedy page, or uploaded to the comedy page after the show.

I would like to follow the blog or comment on a post.

 To follow the blog, you can click on the link to subscribe on the right hand side of the home page.  Comments can be added at the end of a post.  All comments get approved by me before posting.  Please, keep it classy.  I would love to hear from you!

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