Four Wheels Versus Two Feet

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I find myself in positions I have never been in, or experienced in decades.  This all comes in the last few months.  Thankfully, life has kicked me in the teeth more often than many of you who read this, which is another way of saying I’m humbled enough to not get overly excited about this.

I am stating to view things differently now, as an above average paying job will help with.  Not to mention the fact there is an opportunity to make some really ridiculous money for a job that I view as easy, one that comes naturally to me, yet it’s one that I never will have enough time in the day to get things finished.

I look at the things I do in relation to my job now, in terms of my long term future.  I am finally being paid what I am worth, and it’s worth the headaches and frustrations that plague me every week.

I also just got myself a brand new car, well it’s new to me.  It’s a used Elantra, 2021 model with really low kms for a used vehicle of that year.  It’s a sick looking ride, one you would not associate with me.  Don’t worry, I never saw myself in a sick ride like this until I got the car.

It is amazing what a new car will do for your peace of mind.  For the last two years, I walked and froze everywhere, watching as co-workers never stopped where I waited for the bus on a cold day to offer me a ride.  When somebody did offer to come pick me up, sometimes the person offering the ride wasn’t very nice about it, treating it more like an inconvenience than something they wanted to do for the right reasons.  Don’t worry, that only happened twice.

I can’t remember the first car I had when I was doing comedy.  Then again, how much of what happened ten years ago do I remember?

The previous vehicle was that white van, the Uplander. The only good thing about it was that it came with Sirius XM Radio.  I always tried to park as far away from the door as possible when I drove to a gig, providing the van didn’t break down.

But now, with that sick new ride of mine, I want to park close to the door.  Every time I look at that car, it reminds me of all the mistreatment I have received from others, and all the shit I had to eat and adversity to overcome to get to this point.  Yes, it’s a sin to be prideful but at the same time, I can’t help but feel thankful and gratitude for everyone that helped me when I needed a ride.  This will make me want to attend more shows.  Whether I want to get on stage though, that is the question.

Some comics say they never turn down a mic.  Other say when you first start out you do everything you can for the stage time.  As you get a little bit of tenure, a bit older and wiser, it’s about what’s best for you.  There are some environments that I won’t take the stage for.  I am okay with that. Yes, the only way you learn in comedy is through failure, so I should be wanting to fail lots.  I wish it were that simple.

Then again, nothing with me ever is.

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