WTF? Why Regina?


At the Great West Comedy Competition I talked to some of the Regina comics who told me about an open mic night in Regina on Saturday nights.  That got me wondering if it’s something I should do.  I mean, there were a few Regina comics who drove to Saskatoon for the competition so it only seems natural to return the favour.

Some have asked me why I would go to Regina to perform.  Surely there must be open mic opportunities here?  Well, yes and no.  Without getting into the politics of it (from what little I do know), there aren’t many opportunities for an aspiring comic to take to the stage.  There is an open mic night at Lydias on Tuesdays which I went to once already, and I will speak to that experience in my next blog.

Beily’s only allows the new comics to take to the stage the first Monday of every month, as that’s the amateur night.  Well, I shouldn’t say that, it’s possible that on a Monday night they might let the new comics have stage time to practice, but it’s one of those things that would be either hit or miss, depending on who shows up that night to take to the stage.  So, I decided last month to go to Regina and perform at Gabbos.  I took my buddy Kenny along.

Now, for those of you who know him (from the Blue Diamond, he’s been to Crackers a few times), he is quite the unique personality.  After I got in touch with the guy who runs the Regina show, I picked up Kenny and we left for Regina.  It’s nice to have a friend come along for the road trip.  I think as I get closer to 40 that it’s important to share these moments of my life with friends.

I went about 140 km/h the whole way, maybe it was because I was so jacked up for my first time there.  I followed the directions that one of the comics gave me and got there well ahead of anyone else, around 8:30.  The place is set up very nice for comedy.  There are several tables right in front of the stage that are so close to the comics you can spit on the crowd  LOL     Then along the back walls are booths with candlelight on the tables.  It’s almost hard to believe that after the comedy is done that they transform that place into a club, but more on that in a minute.

The guy who runs it there, is Shawn.  He looks just like Joe Rogan, from Fear Factor and the UFC.  He’s no-nonsense, to the point, and fair.  He gave me a couple drink tickets, then I directly proceeded to the bar with Kenny.  We each ordered the Crystal Head vodka, the stuff that Dan Akroyd brought up to Canada.  It’s got a sugary taste to it, very distinctive but good nonetheless.  So, they put me up second, and there is a DJ there who plays instrumental dance tracks as you take to the stage.  The third time I was at Gabbos, the DJ played an actual song for me when I came on, it was Sade’s “Smooth Operator”.  Maybe it’s because I know how to dress when I am on stage  LOL

I don’t remember much about the actual set, but it’s a different setup from Saskatoon.  While Beily’s has you on the clock, in Regina it’s anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes, as long as you’re not being a dick about it you can be a little bit over if you’re respectful.  I noticed that at Gabbos the comics all get together and talk amongst themselves, the newbies mingle with the vets.  In the city here it’s like they pat you on the back for trying and say that I have some good material, but in Regina there are a couple people who break down my set and give me some really good advice.  But enough about the comedy.

The ride home is much more entertaining.

Kenny and I had a drink or two each at Gabbos, so we ask around if there is a karaoke place close by, and the coat check girl (who is a dead ringer for Any Winehouse) recommends The Pump.  It’s about a 5 minute drive from Gabbos.  We get there, and see nothing but pickup trucks in the parking lot.  Kenny surveyed the parking lot and said “Trev, this doesn’t look good.”  I brushed his comments aside, and we walked in.  After paying the $5 cover, I swore we walked into the Long Branch.  We’ve been lied to!  Kenny goes to chat with the girl who’s selling beer from the tub, and buys one.  I asked around and found out that The Pump is downstairs.  Ooohhhhhh.  Thanks.

So we went downstairs and drank a lot.  I was texting and posting on my Facebook that some of my attractive female friends should have been there with me.  Anyhow, it’s close to 2 a.m., and I stopped drinking about a half hour ago.  We leave and try to find the Ring Road exit to take back to Saskatoon, only problem is, it’s blocked off with pylons by the cops.  So in my infinite wisdom I decided to get to the next set of lights, turn back in the opposite direction and try to take that exit.  Well, I should have realized they both go the same way because that one is shut down too.  So we decide to eat first to get ourselves wised up a bit.  We pull into the Burger King drive thru and Kenny orders a fish sandwich and a coffee.  When I placed that order for him the BK attendant said they were cleaning out the coffee machine so none was available.  I don’t know why, but when Kenny asked me to repeat what the guy said, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I was laying an egg and for about ten seconds I couldn’t tell him what the guy said.  So we get our food and eat, I need to find a gas station and an exit out of the city.  So as I stuff fries into my mouth I pull into the Sandman hotel, knowing the night audit guy will be around.

Have you ever been too drunk to really pay attention to something rather simple?  Well, that’s the dilemma I faced.  I couldn’t understand this crusty old fart.  The only thing that made sense to me were the directions to get gas.  So I get to the Shell, and Ravinder-bajinder-surjat-surjit-whateverthehell is working.  I’m drunk, and in a great mood, but I can’t understand this guy telling me how to get out of the city.  So when I gassed up I started driving back into town and decided to stop the first people on the street that I saw.  So I pulled into another gas station where this bigger, not very attractive white woman and this Jamaican guy are standing having a smoke.  I ask her how to get out of the city and she tells me.  Then before I left, I said that I thought she was kinda cute.  That seemed to stun her, and the dude she was with had this puzzled look on his face.  Yeah, like we don’t know why she’s with him   ha ha ha

Anyhow, that is my first trip to Regina.  More to follow soon.  Don’t forget that you can sign up to follow my blog through e-mail, and be notified every time a new post is generated.


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