Why The Blog?


First of all, thank you for the feedback of my blog.  I don’t write it with rose-coloured glasses, and accept that fact that some people who read it may have differing views.  That’s great, it’s what Canada was built upon which is the freedom to express oneself. 

Having said that, some of you who are reading this might not know me, and wonder why I am writing this.  You might think I’m just a show-off and am using this blog as a way to pump up my own ego and/or self-esteem. 

While I respect your opinion however, you’d be wrong.

I have always been the kind of person that likes to tell people things they don’t know.  I don’t mean that in a sarcastic and rude way to make someone feel bad.  If there are things around me that are interesting or unique, I like to tell people about them.  When I was growing up I was a huge sports fan in elementary school, HUGE.  I knew more about sports, the scores and the stories behind the athletes than most, and I enjoyed telling my friends this stuff.  I was always asked sports questions as if I was the authority in my class.  Then after I graduated grade 8, I realized there were these people called girls, and I figured it’d do me some good to become a bit more well-rounded and divest my interest into more things that just sports.

Even into my adult life, as I have gotten older I’ve been more curious about the world around me, why things are the way they are.  Some of these topics I come across because life at the time dictated such, and some of the topics I’ve always held a curiosity for and finally decided one day to research it further.  I have a background of volunteering in politics and literacy, and have held jobs in a different fields.  My friends have always been supportive of whatever I chose to do with my life, and ask the necessary questions.  This is good because it makes me become more prepared and thorough when undertaking a new task. 

So how does this comedy blog tie in to what I just mentioned?  Well, with me I need to convince myself as little as 1% that I have the ability to do something.  That’s it.  I don’t need to seek affirmation from friends or family.  In fact, I don’t often tell anyone what I am planning to do next, as I search within myself to really take a personal inventory of whether or not I can make this work.  So with the comedy, I did up an invite on Facebook when i realized that the first night I wanted to try the stand-up was going to be during the comedy competition.  Initially there was a lot of excitement about my debut, and while the excitement may have waned slightly, the interest has grown.  I have always had the ability to write, and have been complimented on more than one occasion about the fact that my writing evokes emotion from others, or is just plain funny or very smart. 

It’s because of the writing and the interest, that I decided to write this blog.  I want it to serve a couple of purposes.

  • To give people some insight into the world of stand-up comedy from my point of view, and how it specifically affects somebody like myself.
  • To make people aware that there are growing comedy scenes in both Saskatoon & Regina that are worth going to see.

Besides, if more people read this, it generates interest.  Interest will lead to asses being put in seats at comedy venues, generating appreciation for the art form of stand-up.  Then through word of mouth people tell their friends and eventually all comedy events in the two major cities in Saskatchewan are packed to the nuts every night!

Lastly, as I said before, this blog is my opinion.  If I do put something here like the quote that Christi Olson used to roast me last night, I don’t do it for malicious reasons.  But sometimes writing about this helps me keep track of my own journey as a performer, and there are instances I am starting to see where it’s a “you had to be there” type of a moment.  I put that quote in there because I felt it was making me feel like I was part of the comic fraternity, so to speak, even if I’m “so green that I piss grass.”  It was fun to be roasted and a compliment.  If anything I write has a detail omitted which could be taken out of context, I apologize.

Again, I am not writing this blog to offend people or to start a philosophical debate either.  I have a large social circle, and this is mainly for their benefit that I write this.  If a friend tells a friend who tells another friend about this blog which generates a wider circle of interest, thus bringing out a few more people to the shows, then that’s great.  It’s a great way to build my brand so to speak, and to bring people to see the other comics aside from me, because I am 100% certain there will always be a comic I perform with who will be funnier than me.  That’s okay.  My friends who come out know they don’t need to kiss my ass and laugh the loudest at my stuff.  If they did that, they would not only embarrass me, but they wouldn’t be true to who they are as individuals either.

Life is too short to nitpick and blow every little thing out of proportion.  Let’s enjoy the journey, relax and have fun along the way!

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