Laughing Where Nobody Has Laughed Before…..


Lots of times in the past when I was in karaoke league, the one thing that drove me nuts were the number of people who are scared who sing in the league, at least the ones who have been singing in the league more than once.

I’m not mentioning names because it’s more of a commonality than it should be.  There are some great singers, and people easily get intimidated, I get that.  But the same people sing the same songs the same way, refusing to get outside of their comfort zone.  With me, I try and do performances that are different, unique and bold.  They require some planning and rehearsal.  For example, I sang the Billy Joel song “It’s Just A Fantasy” blindfolded on karaoke.  I memorized the song while in the hot tub that night.  It’s strange where inspiration strikes…..

Donald Trump once said that if you are confident in your brand and the results it produces, then go ahead and brag.  Tell people about your latest project if you know it will produce the results.  Although this time, I may have outdone myself, even by my own standards!

Next Thursday at Crackers I will be doing stand-up comedy for a completely different crowd.  They will be there for the music that night of Topher Mills, and the music usually brings out the older crowd, but my friends and the karaoke regulars will be there too.  Now I wonder if my friends will like my material?  Will the different crowd there be into the comedy too?  Will Junior going first put more pressure on me to do well?  There is lots to consider here.

Although I have to say that I am very comfortable at Crackers.  If somebody did heckle, I can at least deal with it.  I have found that dealing with hecklers or loudmouths is all about confidence.  I know the crowd and have been there for enough years from being a DJ that I can usually deal with anyone who gets out of hand, and everyone else has a good laugh from it.

Having said that, those of you who have seen me perform before will see a different performance altogether next Thursday night.  It will be because I’m at a place where I’m comfortable and I know the audience in advance.  That makes it easier to write.

That isn’t to say though, that they will still laugh.  Herein lies the problem.  It’s a new venue, exposing new people to the local stand-up scene.  Junior has a bit of a track record built.  He will be solid, but what about me?

Only one way to find out.


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