Let The Compeition Begin!


I am not sure how this happened, I’m sure there were other comics to choose from but they couldn’t make it?  At any rate though, I have been chosen by Dez Reed to participate in the 1st Annual Dez Reed’s A Fin Less A Day Comedy Competition.

Let’s face facts here.  There should be other comics competing in this aside from me.  Dez picked these guys based on their ability to win it.  maybe he is thinking that I can step up my game and bring it when it counts?

This is what I need from you.


That’s pretty simple, isn’t it?  This will be a judged event.  So far, the venues booked are as follows:

Monday, February 20th – Beily’s

Tuesday, February 21st – Specklebelly (Sutherland)

Wednesday, February 22nd – Tusq Piano Bar (Downtown)

Thursday, February 23rd – Saskatoon Central (not sure what that is)

Friday, February 24th – Adobe Inn (Martensville)

Saturday, February 25th – TBA

Sunday, February 26th – TBA

The top two finishers will also receive stage time for the last performance at the Great Plains Comedy Festival in the summer.  Did I not say that I saw myself performing at the festival?

Anyhow, I can do the same material every night if I choose, as there will be a different audience every night, which means different judges.  Now, I don’t know who the judges are, if they may have a bias, I don’t know.  What I do know is that laughter sells.  The more the audience laughs, the more comfortable I can get and do a better set as a result.

Dez said that we are very lucky in Saskatoon because if we have a bad set, we get right back up on the bike the very next week and ride it.  Most in other centers have to wait a few weeks to prove themselves again.  Don’t get me wrong though, this doesn’t mean I will lay over and die and let the two guys fight it out for the title.  If you’ve been to a show before and know who I am up against, you’d figure out who the guys are to beat.  This will raise my game, make me a better performer, and make me write better.

Again, I need your help and support!  Come out to the shows!

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