Changes In The 2012 Comedy Calendar


Sometimes the word “change” can be a difficult one to digest and accept.  Change means different things to different people, for different reasons.  The comedy scene in Saskatoon is no different, as the weekly format is being revamped to maximize the asses in seats.

For those of you who don’t keep track of the Facebook page, here is a summation of the changes.

Beily’s – Dez Reed’s Laugh Hard Comedy Mondays 

First Monday of every month is Marquee Monday

Marquee Monday will feature a headliner an emcee and a guest

– It will not be a “workout” night

– It is not an amateur night (meaning me)

The second and fourth Monday will be regular Laugh Hard Nights @ Beily’s

There will be an emcee and a headliner

Amateurs may come up and do 3 – 5 minute sets

3rd Monday of the month – “So, You Think You’re Funny?” at Beily’s

This is an opportunity for any comic to come up an do up to 10 minutes

This will be in a pseudo contest form whereby the best comedians of the night will partake in some money.

It is a way for comedians to earn money based on their ability to illicit laughs from the audience rather than an entitlement



The Factory Pub in Earls – Dez Reed’s Comedy Sports Tuesdays

Any comedian is welcome to come to this and perform 5 minutes of new or under-used material

Comedians may not come week in and week out and do the same material

Comedians are encouraged to participate in Dez Reed’s Rant Zone TM whereby the audience gives us topics, the comedian then rants about said topic for a minute

The top comedian of the evening will be handed $25 in cash and all performing comedians are welcome to partake in one of 20 rods of beer purchased for them by Dez Reed


Dez Reed’s Comedy Club – Lower Level – The Patricia Hotel – 2nd and 25th

This is located in the basement of Joe’s Sports Bar.

This is a professional comedy club, not an amateur “workout” room.

Needless to say, there are a few twists thrown in here for all comics.  So, in short the only time I won’t be allowed onstage is Thursday nights at the new comedy club, although I was passed over for doing a set on opening night last week, then told I could get a few minutes this week, then have it posted on FB that amateurs won’t be onstage.  Am I choked?  Yeah, but what can I do about it?  At the end of the day I have come to learn that things change quickly in the comedy world and as a performer, you need to be flexible enough to adapt.  Doing a five minute set is something I’ve started to get used to doing, and the chance to win money by doing ten minutes…….well, I did beat some of Saskatoon’s best during the last competition.

So, the comedy schedule for me will be Monday nights at Beily’s (still), with the exception of the first Monday of the month.  Tuesday nights will be either the open mic at Lydia’s, The Factory Pub at Earl’s or both.  Since I won’t be allowed to do Thrusday nights at the new comedy club, it might give me an opportunity to bring in myself and other acts to Crackers once again.

I hope to see you guys at a comedy night soon!



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