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Last Thursday at Dez Reed’s Comedy Club I did something, and did it poorly.  Not for a lack of trying though, as I just followed what others had done in the similar spot I was in.  It’s one of the most challenging aspects of comedy, at least for a newcomer.  Get it right, and the whole night is set up for success.  Get it wrong, as I did, then the headliner needs to “knock it out of the park” to try to raise the level of the show.

What am I speaking of?  Being the Master of Ceremonies (MC)/Host of the evening.

Everyone I saw that was in a similar position of hosting in the past (with the exception of Dez), all did it the same.  They figured it was an opportunity to do very little crowd work while focusing on their material.  I put it this way because of the chat Dez had with me immediately after the show last Thursday.  He then spent the next several minutes giving me an education in comedy and performing that is more valuable than any amount of money you could pay for such advice.

In having conversations with audience members and fellow comics, he’s come to the conclusion that “people like you (Trevor), there is a likeability to you and people want you to succeed.”  It is because of these points of view that Dez has suggested to me that being an MC/Host may be a better fit for me long term within the comedy club.  I guess if I sit down and think about it long enough this does have some merit to it, as being an MC/Host would play to my strengths a bit more, such as the sociabillity aspect, having the ability to think on my feet and interact with others.  But in doing this, and here’s the point worth remembering, it isn’t necessarily about doing material, as much as it’s about working some of your material into everyday conversations.  For example…..

“so, how was your day today?  do you like your job?  well, be lucky that at least you have one, because I just got let go from mine.”

“do you hate the place where you live?  well, be thankful you have a roof over your head that you can at least call your own, because I currently live at the Salvation Army Men’s Shelter.”

While those are examples I’ll probably use, it does give you an idea of what I am talking about.  Originally the plan was for me to be the MC/Host this Thursday for the headliner that’s in from Edmonton, but those plans have been changed due to a scheduling conflict.  Now I’m not so sure I will be onstage at all this coming week.  So keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook comedy page for the latest information on future stage appearances.  This is an experiment that will start very soon, likely in the next week or two if all goes according to plan.  The only drawback I suppose is that my creative process will be a bit stifled somewhat, as I won’t be able to use the material I continue to write, unless I can find a way to incorporate it into the types of conversations with the audience that I’ve highlighted.

Needless to say, it will be a delicate balancing act, and take some hard work and discipline on my part to get it right, but so long as Dez continues to have faith in my ability and give me opportunity, the only thing I can do is continue to take the ball and run with it.  If I fumble on occasion, so be it.  That’s all a part of getting better.

So long for now!

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