A New Look, New Year & Lofty Goals

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Well, once again I stayed true to my word, and rolled out a whole new look to the blog. The other major change that I’m proud of is the new website address you can find my blog at:

http://thestandupdiaries.com is the new address for this blog. No longer is it found on the WordPress dot com site. If you try to find it on WordPress, you will be redirected to its new location. It’s exciting! When you google “the stand-up diaries”, my blog will be near or at the top of the search!

Now, to the matters at hand.  As some of you know, I had two goals in comedy that I achieved in my first eight months onstage. We’ve been over that. No need to rehash it. However, as we move forward leaving the worst year of my life behind, this year of 2013 will be the best one of my life, including the comedy.

I have decided to set two goals for this year. Some may say they are both impossible and will never happen. Some may even say that I have no business thinking big and dreaming big, because I’m simply not that good.

The first goal is pretty straightforward. I will be a headline performer at Dez Reed’s Comedy Club. It may be on the Saturday night in May when I turn 40. Dez gave me my first stage appearance at the club on my birthday last year. Being this year is my 40th, he may give me a go at a headline performance. Of course, that’s more likely to happen when I set the attendance record at the club with my friends packing the place.

The second goal however, is bold, ballsy, gutsy, maybe even stupid. But with me, I think BIG, dream BIG and DO BIG.

I can’t say how I got this way. It wasn’t from my family, and my friends, well they are wonderfully amazing with their support, but it wasn’t from them where I got this creative ability to think outside the box and put no limits towards what I believe I can accomplish. At the end of the day, it’s about what you believe.

My second goal in comedy for 2013 is simply stated, yet will require some explanation.

For my 40th birthday I will take a trip to Las Vegas…..not only to relax and finally enjoy life, but to also perform 5 minutes of stand-up comedy at an open mic.

I shall let you digest that for a moment.

When I went to Vegas the first time with my family, I asked around and got directions to a little karaoke place that was about a half hour walk off the strip. It was a neat experience, and it’s kind of a feather in my cap to say that I did karaoke in Vegas. I mean, how many people I know can say that?

As for the comedy thing, I will be starting my research now, trying to email clubs and see what I can find out. With all things being equal, the average person may think there is a possibility, no matter how remote, to accomplish this.

This means I will need to have a kick ass five minute set at the very least, so I may possibly send an audio file of what they can expect.

Plus, for me it’s about redemption. It isn’t about me trying to get a spot on an open mic to make it big, for if you follow the goings on of my life, you’ll come to realize that I never put limits on what I try. It would be kind of coming full circle for me considering what last year was like for me.

Think about it, me, by myself in Vegas, in an American comedy club with the pressure to make Americans laugh!

It’s a pressure that I welcome. Now that I have a good, stable job, the comedy is a bit easier to come by.

Thank you again for supporting my blog. May God bless you during thus year.

Feel free to leave a comment about this posting, or on the new look of my blog for the new year.

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I need to get researching comedy clubs in Las Vegas.

Be blessed!

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