When One Door Closes, One Door Opens While The Other One Is Locked

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Now that I have my living situation resolved having moved into my own place, and the internet set up, I can now write with more regularity.  There is a lot that has happened in the last couple weeks, and of course I have a lot to say about it….so sit back, grab a drink an relax because you might be here for a while.  But hey, look on the bright side, at least the look of the blog is updated!

First, on a personal note, yes I have moved into a basement suite and out of the Sally Ann.  I won’t be making any more homeless jokes as part of my material going forward.  Anyhow…..

I used to be a HUGE Blades fan, and a couple of years ago I had season tickets.  Once they shit the bed when they got Schenn, and the coaching staff made the same excuses I stopped going.  I went to my first games in almost 2 years a couple weeks ago, and who do I see walking the concourse but my good friend and fellow comic, “Irish” Steve Thomas.  He said he was sitting with another comic and his wife.  Well, you know I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to actually be in a public place with comics that doesn’t involve a comedy club!

I have to say that I am a hockey fan, and when I go to a game it’s to watch it, so I rarely get distracted by anything that isn’t related to the hockey game.  But the comics did a good job of distracting me that night.

He was talking with myself and Steve about comedy in general and the club.  I mentioned to him that he rides my ass the hardest of any comic, which he denied.  That’s fine, but I have him recorded saying he rides me really, really hard and that’s okay.  He did say that my material is better than one of the headliners that was at the club in its last few months of existence at Joe’s Sports Bar (yes, I said last few months of existence, I’ll explain why in a bit).  He went on to tell Steve and myself that even with all his experience, it doesn’t come completely naturally to him, it’s through hard work and practice.  One comic practices a few hours a day in front of a mirror.  This makes sense, because I’ve done that a few times, and you wouldn’t believe how much it helps your confidence onstage because you can then become animated in some of your bits, like the example I used with Kelly Taylor from an earlier posting last month.  Do you think he mastered that bit the first time he did it?  Probably not, as I’m sure he practiced in front of a mirror a few times to get it down pat.

I was then asked if I prayed before I went onstage, I said sometimes.

Now, we go to the shocker of the week.  Last Monday we were all informed that Joe Dogs Sports Bar and the adjoining Patricia Hotel would be closing.  Not in a couple weeks, but like the next day.  New owners bought it and basically booted everyone out after Tuesday night, including the comedy clubs inhabitants.  So, Tuesday night was the last night at the club.  It was only half full thanks to the idiots upstairs coming down and taking half of our chairs and tables to use for the crowds upstairs.

That night wasn’t the best for some of us, the MC was off that night but it’s not like anyone really minded either, given the atmosphere that existed that night.  Anyhow, that night came and went, and it’s off to the new location.

Now, onto the new location of the club.  There were a couple spots being considered for a temporary location, but it was just announced a few days ago that upstairs at Maguires Pub on 8th & Cumberland, would be the new home for the comedy club.  I remember having a Christmas party up in the loft when I worked in radio.  It’s been years since I’ve been up there, but from what I remember it was a small, nicely put together room.  We should do well there.  Kelly Taylor will be headlining for our opening night on Thursday and Friday of this coming week.

The club manager announced the comics for the first couple shows, and he said they would be going with guys with a couple years experience or more.  Well, that’s fine and dandy, but one of the newcomers, Dylan Williamson will be part of the opening nights as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT here to bash Dylan at all. In fact, Dylan started comedy around the same time I did, and his progress has been a bit quicker than mine.  That’s good to watch Dylan doing well, considering how he started.  Then again, how could I get any better when I started with all the personal shit I had to deal with too?

Dylan recently was the first of the newer comics (who’ve done comedy less than two years) to get a headlining spot at the comedy club.  In the process, Dylan set an attendance record for the night he headlined.  I wasn’t here, but I hear that he packed them in and did very well.  On the outside looking in, however, are newcomers like myself and Steve Thomas.

If I was to guess, I would have assumed that Steve would be part of this also.  He started his comedy career strongly and has been able to maintain that momentum throughout.  He’s toured with Dez to Winnipeg and throughout small town Saskatchewan too.  It’s interesting why he chose Dylan over Steve, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.  I don’t think Dylan has been at comedy for two years, but his act is good and consistent, and most importantly he gets laughs from a variety of crowd types.  I truly am happy for him and am sure he’ll knock ’em dead this coming week.

Yes, I am not a part of the opening few days of our new location.  That’s fine, I understand the rationale behind this.  It’s a new location, with a new crowd who maybe haven’t seen comedy before but are regulars to Maguires.  This could be the comedy club’s new, permanent location if we get the support from the comedy audiences of Saskatoon.  Having said that, it’s anyone’s guess how long the newer comics will wait before they get their opportunity on stage.

Again, I understand the decision behind not letting the newer guys on.  There are a couple of new comics I wouldn’t want onstage either, regardless of whether or not it was the opening of a new comedy club.  It’s safe to say that for the most part, it’s been the newer group of comics like myself, Steve and Dylan who have helped to make the club the success that it was.  Oh, we can’t forget about Rob Ferguson also, who built the legendary stage for the club.

Will the crowds come out?

It’s hard to say at this point because it mostly depends on you, the comedy audience of Saskatoon.  I will tell you though, that I am sure I’ll get my chance someday soon.  I’m just tired of being made fun of after every set by the MC.  Yeah, I was his #1 target and that’s fine because I’m sure my performance did warrant it sometimes.  But there comes a day when you stop being like that, and you become supportive and helpful instead.  I know he rides me harder than anybody else, and he also knows that regardless of what he does to trash me onstage, it won’t make me quit.  The other comics don’t get it half as bad as I do.  But with my living situation finally taken care of, and a new job too, this will give me the chance to practice a lot, and to develop new material and work on it enough before I get onstage to make it smooth and natural.

I’m getting better with each set I do, and ever since I’ve been working again, it’s allowed me to really enjoy my time onstage and it shows in the quality of my performances.  for those of you who think I’m full of shit, grow up.  It’s time to start acting like an adult, because high school ended a long time ago.

Remember, I’m not the best, and I’m sure as hell not the worst…….

but I’m not as bad as I used to be

……and THAT is something I take pride in, that nobody can take away from me.

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