There Will Finally Be Some Activity In The Bullpen

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What does a stand-up comic do when they can’t get on stage to perfect their craft?  Well, most practice diligently.  Now, what if you’re Trevor Dean, then what do you do?  Considering that I don’t know when I may get back to the stage it requires some thought.

The timing is still there, at least it is for the jokes I’ve told before.  I can group parts of material together for central themes on topics like drinking, dating and myself.  But now that the shock of being told to abstain from the club for a while has come and gone, it’s pretty much life as usual for me, but like I mentioned before, I don’t have the swagger or the confidence that I once had, knowing that I am part of the Saskatoon scene.

So what have I been doing all this time?  Well, learning my new job for one.  It’s starting to get busier with each passing day, and it doesn’t leave time for my brain to generate ideas the way it once did.  When I wrote comedy I had the ability to take things I saw or a central thought and be able to construct a joke around it in very little time.  Now that ability has left me, kind of like a muscle that doesn’t get used often enough.  You need to work it, and lately life has taken over.  But I did receive some news today.

It may not be much and I am certainly not one to over-emphasize something that hasn’t happened yet, but I was told to continue working on things.  I’m assuming that my opportunity on stage will come at some point, it’s just a matter of lining up the pieces of the puzzle to make sure they fit for everyone.

I’ve wrote a few ideas down lately, but when you’re told you aren’t wanted (I know it’s my fault that happened), still, I mean we’re all human and when we are told that it takes a hit to our ego or sense of pride.  It deflates you a bit and has you take your foot off the gas pedal either completely or a little bit, long enough to appreciate the scenery around you and either serve as a wake up call or a distraction to focus on other things for a while that were once neglected.

Based on that news I made one of the first big steps to improving things today.  I won’t say what it is just yet, but it’s a serious commitment on my part as the first step of a few in the process to grow and become more credible as a performer.

I guess then this means I can get off my ass and get back to the way things used to be, where I wrote and tried the same jokes from different angles.  Hopefully living by myself will allow me the opportunity to practice more freely and often, resulting in something I’ve been wanting to hear since I started.

big laughs 

Can I get them?  Absolutely!  There is a place for me with my unique style and performance.  It’s time to lay claim to it, inch by inch.

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