The Lineup Starts To My Left

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“your act is like a train wreck”

“I don’t think you’ll succeed, but I’ll let you try”

“why spend that money on an e-book and Skype lessons?  they won’t help you”

“you should seek out Regina’s mental health services, as they would do more good for you than your comedy”

“you’re just embarrassing yourself, you aren’t funny… people laugh about your funny life, do you tell people you were homeless”?

“you are just doing this because you want attention….you’ll get attention alright!”

As you can see, these are some of the comments that people have made regarding my comedy.  Some are from family members, some are from critics, and some come from the comics themselves.  But one thing is for certain.  Unless you have the ability to confidently step up and try something new, that you don’t know anyone else doing it, then who has the right to tell you not to try?  


Yes, I purchased the comedy e-book from a guy who runs a stand up comedy school in Los Angeles.  I also just finished doing my first Skype session with him.  I was honest with him and mentioned exactly why I am no longer on the comedy stage.  I also mentioned that I was not sure when I would be back on stage, but that when I get back, I certainly won’t go back just to show a bit of improvement.  I want to go back so I can knock the shit out of my material so people come up to me and say “how the hell did you get to be THAT good?”

He said it’s part of our mission here, to help me get that better, even if he has to bring in his writing partner.  Now, let us review what just happened here.

  • guy runs a comedy school in L.A. where students get t.v. spots and headlining gigs in a matter of weeks/months
  • normally charges a couple thousand dollars for a class, but the Skype sessions are $100 and the e-book is $69
  • he’s been around the world, doing stand up for 25 years
  • he writes about the eight major laugh triggers, the three types of comedians and the anatomy of a successful joke

If a guy has built a successful business based on the above bulleted points, how is he a joke?  The answer is simple.  He isn’t.  This is real.  I was given positive and empowering feedback.  A lot of comics like to trash the new guys, thinking it helps toughen the new guys up.  Well, the audience hasn’t laughed, and the person has the guts to get up there and try, so why make it worse?  The world is full of negativity though, and it probably won’t end with me any time soon.

I have a message to all my critics, family members, friends or comics who think I suck, am not funny, should quit, or enjoy bashing me either behind my back or on stage.

Keep it up, that’s right….keep up the good work, because you have absolutely no idea who stupid I’m going to make all of you look when I come back.  Yeah, I just said that.  I finally have enlisted the help of someone who can help me get to where I’d like to be in comedy, and that’s at the forefront.

So just keep on flapping your yap, thinking I’m a piece of shit and that these lessons I’m taking won’t help.

If you think I’m full of shit, if you believe I don’t have the ability or the right to be THAT good, why don’t you grow a pair and tell me to my face.

Judgement day is coming soon……and either you will be on the sidelines witnessing the event, or you shall be caught in the crosshairs and made to be non-existent.  Oh yeah, I say non-existent because how would anybody listen to your bullshit when they are too busy giving me big, loud laughs to my material?

The choice is yours, I could care less which side you choose to be on.  I’ve been doubted before by lots of people, and I ALWAYS come back.

So, to my critics and/or doubters………..

F*** YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m in the fighting mood, I’ll take all of you non-believers on.  Kiss my ass.

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