My Plans Going Forward

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To be clear, the opportunity is still there for me to be a part of the comedy club as an audience member and writing about the comedy scene,  but when I was told that the only time I’d be allowed on stage is through the infrequent open mic nights, I decided to remove myself completely from an abusive, oppressive environment.  I am no longer associated with the comedy club, and I will be a better comic, and a better person for it.

So, what to do next?

Well, I am currently in discussions with a good friend of mine in the city who has his own management company, managing a few local bands/musical artists.  He’s a stand-up guy, honest, fun and easy to talk to.  I’ve known him for several years and consider him to be a true friend.

He may not know much about booking comedy gigs or the prices, but he has the determination to learn and help me.  The gigs may be few and far between, whether there’s money in it for me at the end of the day or not isn’t the point.

I’ll be respected, valued, and treated with dignity and respect.

Plus, through my connections I have found a couple of comedy opportunities in the near future for myself to pursue.  It’s nothing big, but it will be fun, and in the end that is what I wanted it to be.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for future announcements!  Now, I’m off to do more coaching…..

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