A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

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Now that I am solely on my own in a comedy sense, the bigest change I’ve noticed is that I miss the contact with the fellow comics.  Well, some of them I miss because they were like me, without ego and treated me the way I treated them by being encouraging and respectful, in particular are the Williamson twins.  Both Dustin and Dylan are similar in some ways and always there to support the other when one is on stage.  Both were a big part of helping me launch comedy nights at a local pub that opened within the last year.  It was a tough crowd to start with, as we weren’t as good as we are now, but they were always supportive and enthusiastic about the endeavour.  For that, Dylan and Dustin get the esteemed honour of being tagged in my posting (ha ha ha).  If more comics conducted themselves like these two guys, things would be a lot differnt for myself.  Seeing how they get along makes me wish that I had that sort of a relationship with my brother at times, but I don’t and that is okay by me.

Another comic I helped befriend at the start of his comedic journey and we were good friends for a while, but he’s a big comedy star now and too busy for people like me.


I’ve taken some time to step back and really assess the situation for what it is, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am putting myself behind the 8-ball when it comes to trying to find stage time.  Not that I am complaining however.  I’m at peace with the decision I made and I would do it again.  At the end of the day, you find out the true motives of a person when times get tough.  They either stick by you, or they go back on their word and throw you under the bus, driving away in a cloud of smoke.  I am happy to say that through this ordeal I have identified which people within the comedy game fall into one of those two categories.

As for the stage time quandry, it’s almost like starting over again going back to that October night in 2011 where it all got started.  As of this moment I don’t really have a plan on how to move forward.  However, a strategy will be formulated later this week when I hopefully sit down with the friend of mine whom I would like to represent my interests and with my comedy coach.

The interesting thing about my coach is that he is in California, not Saskatoon.  The comedy landscape couldn’t be more different in these two cities. However, he’s a true professional in every sense of the word.  I look forward to his input on how we get the ball rolling once again.

At least I have the comeback video as a starting point that I can show potential venues to introduce myself.

At least it’s a start…..

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