Okay, Let Me Get This Straight…..You’re Going Back There?!…. Again?!….Uh-huh…..

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After I made the decision to venture out on my own in the comedy world, I cannot say that the opportunities to do shows have been rolling in. Much like the dating life, the few successes that there are, are usually book-ended by very long periods of inactivity or failure.  However, when the possibility for success happens to peek out from around the corner, I am usually one to pounce on it right away.  Hmmmm….I guess in a dating sense that might make me sound creepy.

Without going into too much detail rehashing the past, after the first few months of comedy I went to Regina for a Saturday road trip performing at an open mic.  It was a good experience even though it didn’t end quite the way I had hoped.  If you want to review what had happened, go back to the first couple months of 2012 in my archives.  I think the experience is worth discussing from the standpoint of my growth, both in comedy and personally in having to deal with other comics and the sacrifice I made at the start to drive a couple hours for a five minute set on a Saturday night when you had no clue how many people would show up.  However, we can save the retrospective for after my next show is done.

Yes, I said my next show…..

After the fallout from Regina, I was given an invite to perform at a show, that I could ask for at my leisure.  Well, a couple years later with much growth under my belt, I decided to play the one ace I had up my sleeve.  Thankfully my inquiry was accepted, so on Friday, October 18th in Regina it marks my return to the comedy stage after a few months away.

Based on all the crap that happened out there, why would I go back to a situation that may be less than positive?

Well, for starters I have become a bit better with my comedy in terms of my material and delivery.  Although when I look at my comeback video there are several things I will have to improve upon.  At the start when I really didn’t figure out the keys to writing successfully, I would go up on stage and think that things would work themselves out.  Well, that isn’t quite the way it works.  Now when I get on stage, I have the confidence and a much better feeling knowing that the material I have produced not only fits within the believable character I am trying to create, but it also hits upon certain laugh triggers that work.

It’s only a tight five minute set I will be doing, so compared to the comeback video I will have to possibly shave a couple minutes from my set to make it fit, and at least I have six weeks to get this worked on.  From what I know, it may be a bit larger of an audience this time around which should give a better indication of how my new material will hold up.  Remember that with my comeback video, aside from the comics in the room, a quarter of the people there were ones who knew me.  They were a bit biased because they had been following me comedically speaking, but at the same time there were times when my friends came out to watch and didn’t laugh, so just because they are my friends doesn’t mean they aren’t qualified to be judges of what is good material.

The Regina audience will be different.  If one or two people in the audience are there who remember me, I’m not sure how easy it will be to show them that I can be funny, as the first go-round produced very little success if any.  That means the second I open my mouth on stage just to get right into the material and present it in the way I have been taught to do.  The other comics will certainly be watching, wondering what a comedy coach can do.

It’s a new audience and a new batch of comics to prove wrong.  I did it before with my comeback video, and this time around I plan to tape my set so I can show you all that I was the only comic who got consistent laughs on every joke from start to finish.  I believe in myself, I am not insecure to the point where I belittle or bully others just because.  I believe in the material and in the comedy coach who has spent a lot of time with me to help me get it right.

I look forward to making more believers out of people come October 18th.

Good night, God bless you all.


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