There’s Early Activity In The Bullpen

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I can honestly say that I was content with the idea of going back on stage in February for the Stand-Up For Charity fundraiser in Regina.  But sometimes life takes you out of your comfort zone putting plans into motion weeks before you anticipated.  That’s the case with my return to the comedy stage, yet again.  Haris Khan has organized a Stand-Up For Charity fundraiser to help the residents of the Philippines who have been displaced by the catastrophic typhoon that befell the country recently.

I got a message asking me if I wanted stage time, and I obliged.  I know many Philipinos  who are concerned about the state of affairs in their country.  A report on the news said they wired billions back to their home country.  If anything, that underscores the commitment they have to family and their people. If more people in the world followed their example of generosity and philanthropy the world would be a much better place.  However, this is a comedy blog, so back to the topic at hand…..

I have two weeks to get my shit together and plan a set.  But there are two questions that need to be answered first.  How much time will I get on stage?  That will be anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, as it’s usually up to the headliner as to how much time everyone else gets before the headliner hits the stage.  It depends how much time the headliner wants.  Some are a bit more sticky than others, wanting only certain comics on who they know will get laughs, while some don’t give a shit and will let guys go on before them for 10 minutes if they want.  But here is the key……..

The headliner won’t give a shit how long you go on stage before him because he/she KNOWS they can get the laughs at the end of the night.  The longer the night goes with comics who suck, the bigger and better the laughs that the headliner will get.

I guess the question I need to ask myself is what material I will use?  Remember now that this is the first time I’ve been back in Regina since the big situation from last February where some comics openly trashed me on this very blog.  On the one hand I want to make sure it’s consistent and funny.  Part of me wants to do the exact same stuff that was on my video, yet part of me is thinking too far ahead to the people who will watch this after, who aren’t a part of the audience, thinking I need to throw in some new material too.  It’s risky at best.  I will have to find out from Haris how much time we are each allotted and give it the best I can.  Once I get an idea of how much time I will get, it’s easier to put together a set.

Also, I will tape it and post the video on YouTube and on my blog.  I have a lot of mistakes to correct and things I need to get better at in two weeks time.  We can talk about that in my next post though.

God bless you all, and thank you for your support and for following me all this way in my comedic journey thus far.  If it wasn’t for the fact my friends would be out supporting me, there would be no way I’d ever consider getting on stage.  It’s because of YOU, your interest and support that I am still giving this a go.  Thank you!

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