Two Goals. One Year. 2015.

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Finally there is a long-term plan for comedy success.  All the bullying, threats, intimidation, and my critics will be worth it, as next year I will achieve two major comedy goals that to the best of my knowledge, are not on any local comics radar.  Why?  Hard to say.

I am not like some arrogant windbags I know who talk shit just for the sake of hearing their own voice, while they lack the energy, discipline or common sense to follow through with what they say.  Everything I’ve done, I hype up and I deliver the goods.  When it came to the karaoke league, I said I’d put on a performance, something much more than just singing a song, and I delivered every time.  When I had the comedy coaching and was preparing to do my comeback show, I had my doubters but I proved them, and my friends wrong when I got the biggest and the best laughs of the night, not to mention the most consistent laughs from joke to joke.

Achieving these two goals will be no different. Now, because I achieve the goals, one should understand that there is a process involved to see how much further my comedy would continue because of these goals, on a much larger scale of course.

I equate my dating troubles to the problem I see in lots of people today that speaks to a failure to achieve ones goals in life.  I have been on dating sites enough over the years, and read enough profiles that I can tell you right away the ones that I would not get along with.  They are the ones who use success at their workplace to show the money they make, in turn they have a different point of view about life because they see things from an unrealistic point of view, and if you don’t measure up to their elevated (yet artificial) standards, they look down on you as an unequal member of society that is incapable of contributing to their well being in any way, shape or form.

Those people, the ones with the profiles miles long talking about how perfect they are and about what they don’t want in a potential mate, yet they never really talk about the type of person they do want to attract.  I firmly believe that these people are missing something in their lives that they try to make up for by living a lie.  They don’t get real, or honest with themselves and in turn they don’t let go of the past and their mistakes.  They definitely need God in their lives, how else can you be truly free from your past?

Besides that, when you are truly set free you in turn treat everyone around you much better because you love others the way He loves you.

What all that boils down to is the simple fact that when you live a lie and you look down upon others from your pedestal, you limit yourself from achieving real success.  Success of the heart, achieving the desires of your heart.  You will never achieve real success if it’s purely ego driven.  At some point, your ego will catch up with you and cause your downfall.

I have no ego, as life has humbled me these past few years to show me what is truly important.  Some of you may laugh at that statement, but I can list a few names here and you’d see that compared to them, I have no ego and am a humble person who doesn’t use Facebook to bully others or threaten others with physical violence.  I’d list their names, but why give an idiot his day in the sun?

I have taken the long, difficult road to achieve success thus far on the comedy stage.  But it’s a journey that I appreciate more than anyone else who has had success because of what I have endured along the way.  I take nothing for granted and am very blessed to know that there are people in my corner who can make things happen for me.

I’m a bit different than most, my friends can attest to that.  I think bigger than most, dream bigger, plan bigger and most importantly I do bigger than most.  These goals aren’t on any comics radar in the province, and that’s fine by me.  The only person who will know of my intentions is that of my comedy coach.  He will help me make my goals a reality.  This means I need the material to be some of the best I’ve done, and that will coincide with getting some of the biggest laughs I’ve ever received too.  Then it’s just a matter of sitting back and letting the material speak for itself and see where I end up as a result.

I know this post may sound somewhat cryptic, and I apologize for that to a degree.  However, I also know that many comics and members of the local media read this too.  For those reasons I will not share these goals publicly with anyone other than my coach, until they come to their fruition.

Again, remember what I said at the beginning of this post.  I’ve been performing for crowds for about 20 years now.  When I say I’m going to do something memorable, something big, something worthwhile, whether it be in politics, karaoke league or in comedy, I deliver.  Not only do I have a reputation for doing what I say, I also have a reputation for treating people around me the right way.  If you don’t believe me, just ask around.

Again, I can’t do this without the love and support of true comedy fans, in addition to my friends and followers of this world-renowned comedy blog.  Continue with the interest, ask questions and continue to hold me accountable to getting better by continually performing clean material that isn’t offensive, it’s just plain funny.

Good night.  Be blessed.

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