A Word To The Wise

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I started this blog a couple months after I started doing comedy, so it’s been about three years that The Stand-Up Diaries have been part of the Saskatoon comedy scene.

One doesn’t do something they enjoy for that long without making their share of mistakes, and being able to admit to them.  There are a couple of times early on when name dropping came back to bite me in the ass when talking about my interactions with other comedians.  There were a few times when words could have been chosen a bit more wisely about certain topics that I wrote about.  I know the blog has a reach, but I do not know how far that reach extends, at least within the comedy community within Saskatoon and Regina.

I know there are some people out there reading the Stand-Up Diaries who don’t like the fact that I publicly air my dirty laundry.  By being public I mean name dropping.

I understand that.  Some people are old school and handle things from within and that’s fine.  But in todays Internet age, if somebody is an asshole it’s probably going to come out sooner or later anyhow.

There are some who don’t like the fact that I wrote my last piece about a particular comic who I named.  I get the impression that some feel like they need to walk on eggshells around me or else they will be written about next.

Let me be absolutely clear.  That is straight up BULLSHIT

You will be hard pressed to find a more diverse crowd than that of comedians.  They come from all different types of backgrounds and experiences, but a lot of them (not sure of the percentages, don’t wanna try to guess on that) have one thing in common.  Insecurities

It isn’t a bad thing because most times it’s those same insecurities that will bond comedians together, then the comedian will share those insecurities with the audience, creating the recognition laugh trigger, thus creating a bond with the audience.

Some people use their insecurities as motivation to become more successful and I do not have a problem with that at all.  Where I have a problem is when somebody takes those insecurities and shits on my head to make themselves feel better.  I have a problem with this because ever since I have been in comedy I have never, ever treated anybody like that.  I was not raised to be a bully.  I do not cut people down to make myself feel better ever.  Everyone I come across I have tried to treat how I would like to be treated.

However, if you feel the need to trash me or those I hold dear to me (like my lady) when I did nothing to deserve it, then the gloves come off.  If I say or do something that somebody isn’t sure about, the smart, mature thing to do is to ask questions of me.  Don’t assume and try to frame the situation to suit your ego or agenda.  Don’t talk about the situation behind my back. Be up front and ask questions.  How difficult is that?

There are comedians I have had disagreements with in the past, and when I got coaching and started to improve the comedians I had beefs with were split into two categories.  The first group I eventually smoothed things over with because I won back their respect by getting better on stage.  The other group are ones who became big time dickheads (for various reasons), whom I don’t talk to anymore.  So the moral of this story is that if I still talk to you, chances are things are good.

If I have a comic that comes up to me and has a problem with what I wrote, I’m not dumb enough to make that person’s name public.  I may reference the conversation but I wouldn’t leave any clues as to who they are.  The difference between those people and the assholes I have stopped interacting with are huge.  The way I see it, if you are a dickhead or an egotistical asshole who bullies and belittles others, if you include me in your line of fire for no reason then I may write about it, once I’ve had a chance to reflect on the situation and to see the lessons learned from it.

I sometimes wonder if I should maybe write more about the comedy lessons from my comedy coach and how I am applying them to my act.  On the one hand I would like to so I can try to show you specifically how I have become better on stage.  But the coaching has received its share of criticism and my coach makes his living this way, so those two things have lead me to keep most of that to myself.  The odd time I might highlight something specific to discuss but I’m not going to give everything away  🙂

So, in conclusion if somebody has a beef with what I write, they can always talk to me about it.  We will exchange points of view and hopefully come away with a better understanding of the situation.  There is a difference between having disagreeing viewpoints respectfully, and being a bully belittling people.  I’ve been bullied and belittled all my life.  Last time I checked, my drivers license didn’t say my name was doormat.  If people think that I shouldn’t stick up for myself and let shit slide like that, again, check my ID.  The name is Trevor, not doormat.

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