No Way L.A.!

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Things happen to everyone at some point that are unfair.  The key is to take a step back and see that unfair situation as God’s timing, telling you that maybe it’s not quite time yet for you to experience what you were hoping for.

I am unable to go to Los Angeles later this year to perform at two of the most popular clubs in Hollywood and Burbank, those of course being The Comedy Store and Flappers.

A few of you know about the personal reason that has surfaced which does not allow me to head to the USA at the present time.  For those of you who know the situation, I appreciate you keeping the matter private and not to divulge the details to anyone.  For the rest of you, just know that I look at it as being part of God’s timing.  When I do finally have the opportunity to go, I will be that much more ready, prepared and appreciative of the opportunity.

Some of you may think I am making this up, about going to Hollywood and Burbank to perform at comedy clubs there.  But you would be wrong.

The truth is, nobody knows of the hours and hundreds of dollars I have spent to get myself to this point, except two people.  My coach and myself.  I have even wrote and come up with ideas that my coach has used on stage that really worked.  I consider him to be more than a coach, I consider him a friend.  He takes time away from his very busy schedule to sit down with me and help me on my material.  Sessions are usually an hour, but my coach once told me that he knowingly spends well over an hour with me each session, sometimes going anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.  If I have several pages of material to review with him, we will get through maybe two of those pages in that time.

That’s right, two pages.

It takes that long because comedy writing is serious work and my coach has the ability to take my joke and refine it to where it feels right for my comedic voice.  I’ve offered to help set up a session with my coach for a few comics, but the funny thing is that nobody ever asks me about it.  They just sit on the sidelines and shake their heads, because they think that comedy can’t be taught.

I have put in a tremendous amount of work and late nights in practicing and on Skype coaching lessons.  Just because Los Angeles isn’t happening doesn’t mean my career will go down the toilet at all.  Besides, I have contacts in Toronto.  Sounds like a nice vacation to plan.  Baseball, shopping, good food, good company, and performing on stage.

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