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I had a message sent to me through social media about an opportunity for a corporate show in June.

Yes, awkward, creepy comedian guy is wanted by the business community.  I will let that sink in for a moment. You may need to grab a drink after reading that one (I don’t blame you).

The details shall remain private (for now).  What I can tell you is that the gig will be for anywhere between 50 – 100 people.  I would like to say that I was chosen because of my success, but probably in reality it’s because I know the person who is putting on the event, they know I do comedy and they want something different in terms of what to offer the people in attendance.

The person who is putting on the event has never seen me perform.  This person also knows that for the most part I do a clean act.  It’s not homophobic, racist, sexist or mean spirited by picking on the audience either.  I don’t talk that way in real life, so why in the world would I decide to be a jackass like that on stage?

The biggest challenge is to figure out my value.  What am I worth?  Moreso, when I determine a value how do I properly communicate that value to the person on the other end of the table?

In sales if an item is a bit higher in price than the customer expected, you can always communicate value.  Value is easy to get across because the only way to communicate value to a customer is to do so through emotions.  Be happy, be dramatic, be serious, be jovial.

You need to be able to tap into the emotions of the person on the other end of the table.  Once you do that, and you can see that you have their attention, then it becomes way easier to communicate valve, providing that it comes from a genuine place, and that you know what you are talking about.

I am not sure which of my material to do for a corporate gig, let alone try to decide whether or not to write new material about the subject matter of this event.

But the comedy club shows are first on the agenda.  Once I get through those, then I can figure the rest of this out.  Who knows, maybe business cards are in the future now?

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