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There was only one bright spot for me this weekend, and I just about forgot that it even happened.  Yes, today is the day to add another candle to the comedy anniversary cake of mine.  This last year has been more eventful than most, both good and bad.

Last year around this time I still had no pot to piss in, comedically speaking.  I wasn’t back into the Saskatoon comedy scene for 18 months at that point, while thankful for doing open mics in Regina and the occasional fundraiser.  I still was wanting a chance to get on a bigger stage to perform.  Oh, and who can forget the whirlwind that arrived on my doorstep that same summer (more about her later).

Then I was presented with a tremendous opportunity to host the professional comedy club at the Park Town, and all it took was a pep talk from my comedy coach and a surprisingly easy phone call to the booking agent.

Then there was the second weekend gig hosting at that same location about six months later.  Needless to say, that weekend wasn’t as successful as I would have liked it to be.  As of right now, and rightfully so, I have to work my way back into consideration for hosting spots, especially now that this club has moved locations and is now at the Ramada in Saskatoon.

This last year also was the one where I finally figured out how to write for my voice.  Back then I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence to write out a five minute set knowing it will work without having to wonder if my coach will approve of it or not.

Now, fast forwarding to today, I still have the four comedic stories about my life that I am working on and I hope to start debuting them soon.  They still need a bit of refining with my coach.  These have been in development for a few months now, and I want to make sure they are ready to go.

I’ve also become more animated on stage, finding a character that I can evolve into, hopefully.  The new Trevor Dean has the same struggles, they are just played out in a frustrated, angry and animated tone, and the material I’ve created lately reflects that much better.

Now, to thank the people who have been instrumental in this past year.  Thanks to Jerry Corley, my coach and mentor for helping me evolve.  Thanks to the Regina comedy community for helping me stay sharp.  Thanks to the Park Town and their comedy club for welcoming me on stage, and to the Saskatoon comedy community for welcoming me back.  It feels good to belong.

What’s that?  I forgot to thank my family?  Ummmm….no I didn’t, because they don’t care.

Thanks also to my life coach who is now in Australia, and to all of my friends and followers who give me support and their opinions, both good and bad.  Thanks also to Mark Drapak for redesigning the look and feel of The Stand-Up Diaries.  That just leaves one more person to thank.

Remember about the whirlwind that entered my life last summer?  Yeah, well that is the world of Nicole.  It was right around that time when she showed me what love really is all about.  For my first gigs at the Park Town I was beyond a nervous wreck for that first show, although the second one went much smoother.

Anyhow, with her by my side, I saw the likes to my comedy page jump by at least 40.  She got people out to watch and even lent her expertise in the food & beverage field to the room manager!  Every day she would pump up my tires regardless of whether or not I believed that I could do it.  Even after the second round of hosting that didn’t go so well, as I was sick to my stomach and unable to move, she was right there telling me how proud she was of me (for reasons to this day I am still unsure of….she could have been drunk for all I know!  No, wait….that was me…..)

Now that she’s not here, the wins don’t mean as much.  Here’s hoping that one day soon we can get back to that point.

As for the rest of you, I hope you will find the time in this next year to make it out to a show.  I know that life gets in the way a lot, but there are some of you who came out in the early days who haven’t been around in a while.  It would be great to see you out again to see not only myself, but the other fine comedic talent that is here in the city.

Again, thank you all for following along with me on this improbable journey that still continues on to this day.  It means a lot to have you in my corner.

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