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I know it’s been a while since my last posting, just wanted to give you an update on a couple of things.

The guest editorials are still in the works, as I am waiting on submissions from Dylan Williamson (now based out of Vancouver), who is one-half of the talented Williamson twins.  The other guest contributors will be Charmaine Panko and Dez Reed.  As I’ve mentioned to all three, I will simply copy and paste whatever they choose to write, they will not be censored.

I am still doing the open mics with the local guys on Wednesday nights at Buds.  I had to reschedule my meeting with my comedy coach, so until I do the new stories won’t be unveiled.  On top of that I still have to put together three – five minute sets to send to the booking agents for the professional comedy club in the city, as I need to work myself back into the rotation again.  It moved to a new location, and they are using local talent from Regina to host, so there are opportunities.  It’s just a matter of me sticking to it and gradually finding my comedic rhythm once again.

These last few weeks have been tough personally, and I will admit that they affected my ability to perform.  My stomach usually isn’t sick with worry and grief from the moments before I hit the stage, but that’s what happened.  It isn’t because I was nervous about getting up on stage. I have only been nervous or scared about going on stage just a few times in the last four years.  So yeah, my personal situation affected my performance on stage, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It’s given my sets a different kind of feel to them because I now try to do my sets from the mindset of being frustrated or stressed out.

It seems to be working a little bit.  When I hear my recordings of myself at the start, some sets start off sounding so bland and without emotion that it makes me cringe, to be honest.  If I’m going to have my material defined by my struggles then it only makes sense to add some emotion to it, otherwise I’m not doing a good job of selling it to the audience.

The outlook on my personal situation has gotten better, thanks to a couple of conversations with really trusted and close friends.  Now, while I am fully aware that I have much work to do in order to fix myself, at the same time I am confident, hopeful and full of faith that I will be victorious in the end and have things in a new and improved state at the finish line.

I guess that’s the one thing I’m proud of the most when it comes to my comedy.  No matter how bad things got within my personal life, I’ve never given up or quit.  When life gets hard, I put more of an effort into comedy because it always gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day, regardless of how badly I screwed up, regardless of who I’ve hurt or who has hurt me, regardless of the circumstances.

I’m confident that early next year I will work my way back into the hosting duties at the professional comedy club.  It will be an amazing turnaround because I will celebrate the moment with the special people who matter most

Hell, I might even get lucky and have my parents and/or brother accept my invite to a show.  This way, my friends would have proof that my family actually exists!

I’m in a much better place now than I was about ten days ago.  There is still work to be done and victory to be had.  I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.  Besides, the greater the victory, the better the testimonial.  Thanks again to Axl, Veronica and Drew for helping me navigate through some turbulent waters the last few days.

I am excited to see the type of person I will become on the other side of this change I’m currently undertaking.  Here’s hoping my comedy will reflect upon that optimism.  Thank you all again for your support, including the three people closest to my heart.

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