Faith Or A Trumped Up Chump?

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I have started to plan already.  I’ve been doing it every day now for the past week, looking at the different hotels, types of rental cars available, amusement parks to visit, baseball games to see, shopping malls, restaurants too.

It’s a year away at the very least, due to certain circumstances beyond my control.  Yes, I am talking about the trip.  The trip to Los Angeles to do comedy.  The trip that people don’t believe I can actually do because someone like me who isn’t setting the comedy world on fire can’t be at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.

I can hear the voices now.

“You would have gone by now if you really could get on stage there.  You will never make it.”

“You just made that up so more people will pay attention to your comedy, especially when you fail.”

“You’re wasting your money on a coach.  You should do the world a favour and quit.”

“Just look at your life.  It’s no wonder why your family will not support you at all.”

“She was right to leave when she did.  You just embarrass yourself on stage.”

“If the local comics don’t believe in you, why would the Comedy Store?”

Faith, by definition is the assurance of things yet unseen.  Well, this is about as faithful as one could ever get.  I have no job at the moment, so no plans for the future per se.  Without a job it’s tough to plan.  Without a future it’s tough to convince somebody to stick it out by your side.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but let’s face it.  This is me we are talking about here.  It will take a very special person to want to stick it out with me, considering they can pass all the psychological testing first.

You would think at 43 years old that a person wouldn’t have to keep staring up from the bottom every time, but that’s the way it seems to go.  So what do I say to people at my high school reunion?  I am sure some of them read this so they must have a wonderful impression of me by now since I’ve graduated 25 years ago, hey?

Faith is just about all that I got, because I sure don’t have much in the way of help right now.

That’s all for this month.  Have fun.

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