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Let’s face it, just about nothing good is worth remembering about September 11th.  It’s the date of one of the worst terror attacks in our history.  The sad thing is that some of the hallmarks of terror continue even today, all these years later.  It’s a parallel between my personal life and my comedy life.

Terror groups like to instill fear in others by starting a propaganda campaign.  This is usually done by people who are narrow minded, scared, have self-esteem issues and want to draw sympathy towards themselves by portraying themselves as the victim.

Social media is the most effective way really to orchestrate such a campaign.  Trouble is, there are always going to be people in this world today that are too lazy, too scared, or else they have too much junk in their trunk to be able to see things for what they really are.  This means they don’t make an effort to understand both sides of the story, they just gravitate towards the story that they identify with because it resembles their own insecurities and hurt.  When you tell one side of the story and give people a reason to not research the truth, you’re running a pretty good PR campaign.  Trump would be proud.

There are many people out there who I know fall into this category.  These people are unhappy, insecure and narrow minded.  They choose not to research the truth, because doing that takes work, it takes maturity, and that’s when you find out what people are really like.

The only good thing about September 11th is that there are many examples of people working together to help those who needed it the most.

As we look back on this day, don’t be like my former friends who think they are doing the world a favour by propagating their own hidden agenda based on being too lazy to get all the facts of a story.

If you are an adult, you should kind of act like it.  A whiny, pouty teenager acts like this; adults should not.  If you know somebody and they slip up, it helps to ask them what’s going on.  Ask questions.  Don’t assume and get on your moral high horse looking like you just invented the wheel.

It’s like the people who talked behind my back thinking I purposely trashed my previous relationship on stage to make myself look better.  I know who those people are, and the fact they couldn’t tell me to my face leads me to believe that they believe the stories that have been made up about me, based on only one set of facts.

It takes two sides to make a story.  You would expect your kids to tell you the truth, you would expect both sides of the story from your best friend or from your parents.  So why would you choose to be that narrow minded in your lives?

Grow up people.  Remember how thankful we should all be for just being alive and being able to contribute each and every day.  The ones who hide from getting the complete picture says a lot more about you than anything bad could ever say about me.

Just like the terror attacks of 9/11, when will we ever learn our lesson?

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