No Christmas In October For Me

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Around this time of year the fall season is into full swing and corporate comedy bookings and fundraisers kick into high gear.  At least that’s what I think.  The fundraiser for this month fell through at the last minute.  So, as it stands I still, after five years have not done a fundraiser or a corporate gig in the city, whether it be on my own or with the local guys.

Maybe some of the heavy hitters don’t want me around because of the blog, thinking that if somebody looks at me sideways I will write about it.  The majority of you who know me understand that isn’t the case at all.  Maybe they don’t want me around because I don’t sit there and take shit from other comics on stage.  Sorry, but my name isn’t doormat.  I’ve worked harder than most to get to a point of some consistency in my sets.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask to follow the Tony Soprano motto of give respect to get respect.

But that’s fine.  When I go to Los Angeles next summer, invariably I will get asked who the comedians to watch in Saskatoon are, when they find out I am from Canada.  I will reply with only three names.  But wait?  Aren’t there more than three comedians in Saskatoon?  Aren’t there several?  Why yes, there certainly are.

Those who make it to the top, it’s their responsibility to bring the elevator back down.  Some people haven’t grasped that concept, which is too bad.  When I make it big, I will forget about them like they forget about me.

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