No More Stand-Up Diaries

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It’s very interesting how most of you talk a big game but in reality your actions dictate otherwise.

Local newbie comics are being interviewed when they have nothing to say. I’ve been doing this for almost six years and not once has anyone offered to interview me or approach me to write a guest spot.

This leads me to believe that I am not a part of the comedy community as some of you have told me. 

In that case, why should I continue to tell my story when these other comedians who get interviewed offer JACK SHIT in terms of substance?

December 31, 2017 will be the last post of The Stand-Up Diaries any of you will see. After that date, all posts will be set to private and I may continue posting for my own amusement private posts that will not reach the free internet.

I have deleted every email subscriber except one, and that’s Veronica, because unlike the rest of you, she actually puts her words to actions. 

The rest of you disappoint me. Go flap your gums and blow that hot air to somebody else who gives a shit.

I asked for ideas for a commercial at my workplace that I was approached about. Nobody ever replied to me that I reached out to be a part of this. Every other local comic gets interviewed for print, websites or podcasts when my story clearly is way more interesting, with more twists and turns than anybody else’s.

I thought as adults, you would realize that being made to feel left out is a horrible feeling. You may talk a big game, but your inaction and silence has hurt for far too long. I’d call certain people out by name, but I don’t name names anymore if it is an unflattering post.

Thank you, Saskatoon comedy scene, for making me feel like I don’t belong.

You brought this on yourselves. After December 31, 2017 I see no reason to continue this blog for any of you.


  1. Vern
    Aug 18, 2017

    My heart breaks for you!
    I wish you could get out of this as much as you put into it. It is sad really that so much energy is met with so much resistance.

    • Trevor Dean
      Aug 18, 2017

      It’s not a matter of resistance. Not sure I would call it that but after all I’ve done to get fuck all out of it is pretty sad. My life is difficult enough right now that I can’t justify giving a shit anymore.

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