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I am sure some of you were wondering what was going on when there were dozens, upon dozens of blog posts that appeared on my comedy page and on my Twitter feed. I originally had just three posts on the blog, with the rest being private. But two things happened last week that made me rethink things.
The first, was going out for a drink and some ribs at Moxies with Dylan Williamson & Jenny Ryan. Apparently, Dakota Hebert, from halfway across the country had mentioned that somebody better see how I was doing, given the content of my posts of late. I thought it was going to be an ambush of some sort with them taking me to task for comments I made about the local scene. But, that wasn’t the case at all.
Instead, we spent two hours just talking. Both wanted to know how I was doing, and what my life had been like away from comedy.
Both surprised me that night. Jenny surprised me when she was able to figure out what my next big project was. You know, the one that I said nobody else was doing. She figured it out and nailed it on the first try. Then, I suggested to Dylan that maybe he would like to take over the blog. He told me that The Stand-Up Diaries work because it’s me that writes it. Then both of them started quoting specific posts and asking me questions about them. Just because people don’t comment on every post doesn’t mean they aren’t read and thought about.
I mean, the blog has been around for almost six years. I can guarantee you for a multitude of reasons why a blog like mine wouldn’t have similar appeal if somebody else wrote it.
A friend of mine named Jess once commented that something I wrote on my Facebook page almost moved her to tears (of emotion, not sadness). At that point it kind of clicked that maybe I should start writing about my comedy journey once I decided to get into stand-up.
For me to discontinue the blog would be sort of turning my back on the friend of mine who volunteered to completely redesign the look of the site. For those of you who remember what it used to look like, he’s done an outstanding job. He develops websites as a side business, and revamped mine, then put it on his website as an example of the type of work he does. I have to say, mine is probably one of the best websites he’s done, though I may have a slight bias in saying so.
The only thing that bothers me about the blog, and more WordPress specifically, is the fact that people can write asshole comments to a blog piece and not even have it come from a legitimate e-mail address. Thankfully though, the longer I’ve gone on with comedy, the less frequent they have become.
I’ve been told by more than one person that I should write a book of my posts. The fact something like that is even mentioned means somebody believes my story has some value to those who read it.
The other thing that happened last week was completely unexpected and came out of left field. It was something so sincere, so genuine and heartfelt that it again, made me rethink my position.
To make a long story really short, or as short as it can be for me, I wrote a post that made reference to a friend of mine that passed away some time ago. His name was Earle Mireau. Earle founded Equal Justice For All and represented tenants that needed help in rentalsmen hearings with their landlords. Earle at one time was a firefighter instructor for the province of Saskatchewan. Then he was fired from his job by the province. He was a diabetic and believed his job loss was because of his Diabetes (there is an old Star-Phoenix article about Earle from years ago that referenced this fact). So, he staged a sit-in at the premiers office. They refused to help him. Then he saw how the system worked against the poor, the disadvantaged, and the marginalized.
He wasn’t a lawyer and had no knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act. But he learned it as people started coming to him upon hearing his story, needing his help. He was on assistance the entire time and without much money and without a vehicle, he managed to get help for his clients despite the hardships Earle faced in his own life. I know this because there were many times he would call me at night and ask for a ride to a clients house to get them to sign papers for their hearing in the morning.
The point I’m getting at is, a couple of days after meeting with Dylan and Jenny, I received a comment to my last blog post and a Twitter follow from a woman I didn’t think I knew. Until I saw the woman was Earle’s ex-wife, who now lives in Ontario, I believe.
She made mention of the piece I wrote about Earle. How she found it I have no idea. But she mentioned for me to not give up comedy, and that she wished my posts would have been on the website so her son could read them and see what good that Earle did.
So now I got thinking.
Nobody else can do a blog like mine. Either the other comics can’t write with the honesty and humility that I possess, or they don’t want to be that real, giving people a glimpse of the person and not just the comedian, because some of these guys will protect “their brand” at all costs.
So it’s kind of an asshole move for me to not keep the blog going, after all that Mark has done to revamp it and with people sharing their genuine opinions about the blog. There is still another week left in the month for me to keep the streak going of posting at least one post per month. I’ll think of something to write about before month’s end.
Then, we are left with what to do about the comedy side of things. I came across a Facebook live video of Jerry’s from The Stand-Up Comedy Clinic. He does a show called “45 In 45”, meaning that his new students will do a show at the club to paying customers, of 45 minutes. And, the students have just 45 days to do it.
Then I thought about all the time Jerry has spent with me over the few years we have known each other. When I book a session with him, he once said that he goes over the allotted time with me because he believes in me. Seeing the smile and joy on his face when he watched me at Flappers in May, that’s a look I will never forget, probably because I’ve never seen anybody in the audience I knew give me such a look before.
For me to just walk away from the Stand Up Comedy Clinic would be like someone going to college and graduating then not having a desire to look for a job in that chosen field. Or, going to college for a career and dropping out when they are close to a four-year degree. What about all the hard work and money you invested into it? Was it a waste? Would you be considered a quitter?
Plus, there may be a lady in my life in the near future (yeah, I actually have an option that might work out for once). I would like to still do comedy in part for her, if not to fix the mistakes I made from my previous relationship with regards to my comedy. Then I would have somebody to accompany me to gigs and on my annual trip to Los Angeles.
After all this work, all the time, money and garbage I have had to put up with, the nights where no friends come to watch a show, the hate mail and threats, not to mention getting bashed on stage….. it cannot be any worse than what Earle had to deal with every day of his life. Sure, some in the karaoke crowd may view Earle as annoying, but that would be mistaken. Earle was somebody that had a big heart, willing to help others and not ashamed to ask for help himself. He was loyal to his friends and dedicated to his cause. When Earle called you a friend, you had his respect and his trust.
I guess I should pick myself up off the floor and rededicate myself to being more like Earle. My comedy career is not done. I will write another post in a few days that will outline my plans for the future.
The best part about this story is that it is mine. Sure, others could tell my story but it wouldn’t have the same reach in the same authentic way I have been able to tell mine in.
So, the comedy of Trevor Dean will live on for another day.
to be continued……

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  1. Vern
    Oct 25, 2017

    Can’t wait to see the next chapter…
    I’m so happy this book is not finished!

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