Watch What You Say

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I have already told you that quite a few phonies exist in the local comedy scene, and within the province for that matter.  However, there is one thing I can learn from them.

When you have a big gig coming up, do not make your insecurities known about the gig.  Ever.  Some bookers have told me that they heard I posted a comment before a big show unsure of the daunting task ahead of me.  The booker went on to say what if the headliner happens to read that post?  Now they are unsure as to whether or not you can carry your allotted time, and they will give the booker grief for booking a comedian that is less than confident in their ability.

So, in probably the shortest blog piece I’ve ever written, I can sum up this post by saying this…..

Being confident is good.  Being an asshole however, is not.

It’s a good thing I know the difference between the two.  I may be a lot of things, but an asshole isn’t one of them.

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