It’s Better To Be True With Two

I am the only comedian in Saskatoon, and pretty sure I am only one of two comedians in the province that have a Facebook comedy page that is seperate from their personal one.

At first glance, it may seem a bit unusual.  Just about every comic that I know of in Saskatchewan just uses their personal Facebook page to announce everything, then they usually have a few hundred more Facebook friends in the process, or people who just follow their page to get all the latest updates.

I started the Facebook comedy fan page right at the beginning, and plan to keep it.  I don’t need people who aren’t my friends in real life to be friends on Facebook.  Before the breakup of my last relationship, I had about 378 friends.  Then I deleted every single one and went down to zero.  Then I rebuilt my friends list, which now stands around 110.  That’s a manageable number, plus I don’t need everyone and their dog knowing about the struggles in my life, of which there have been many.  They say that when you rise higher, your circle gets smaller.  I like that idea.

Plus, the people who have blocked your personal account can still follow your comedy from a distance, which I do not mind.  Also, you open yourself up to being followed by people from around the world much more because of the fact you have a fan page.  For some reason, I am popular in India and Africa, as several people from each country following my fan page.  That is kind of neat.

It’s not that I am trying to be private about my private life.  If anyone has read this blog before, I think they know that I’m not that private about things.  But I try to seperate Trevor the person, from Trevor the comedian.  That is starting to become easier to do as I get a bit older and wiser.  Facebook is useful and serves its purpose, whereby you keep those you know, in the know, and control who sees what.  Besides, seeing I am up to 220 likes on my fan page gives me a sense of accomplishment after 7 years.  Considering where I started from and all the obstacles that have been placed in my way, that’s not too bad.

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