Time To Get Back On The Bike And Ride

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A lot has happened over the last nine months, most noticeably being my absence from the comedy stage for reasons which have been well documented in previous blog posts.

I have been asked by a comedian friend of mine to participate in a fund-raiser for a local food bank.  I only get 5 to 7 minutes of stage time, so it’s paramount that I make efficient use of my stage time.

I am not jealous or hurt that everyone else has received stage time and tasted success as some of my good friends have, in both the comedy and music realms.  I wouldn’t even say I am angry as I’ve gotten past that point a long time ago.  It’s more like a determination to keep on going when people think you’re dead in the water.  I mean seriously, put yourself in my shoes for a minute……

How would you feel if you were unable to pursue something you were passionate about for months, while other people around you have some success despite the fact they have a poor worth ethic or feel like they’re entitled to success because of their ego?  Do you think this has been fun for me, sitting here night after night wondering if I can recapture the magic I found that night from my comeback video?  I haven’t even had the chance to speak to my comedy coach thru Skype since July due to the fact he’s been busy with other projects.  I tried to get comedy started in a couple different places in the city, but to no avail.  The only true, legitimate comedy club in the city I’m unable to perform at (they have two headliners and an MC/host, that’s it) until I can get better and prove that I am worth a look.  To get better, you need stage time and since my first gig is coming up in over 9 months, who knows how long it will be until my next one?

I can guarantee you that nobody worked harder than me when it came to preparing for the comeback video.


The results speak for themselves.  I spent several hours to come up with seven solid minutes, and for the first time ever I did a set that got consistent laughs from start to finish.  I was the only performer that night who got noticeable laughs on every joke I told.

So, because I don’t get stage time every week and take it for granted like some do, I have to make an impression every time I am on stage.  When you don’t know when your next opportunity will be, you tend to take things a bit more seriously and have a workman-like approach to the preparation and execution of your material.  Every sentence must have meaning.  Every sentence of a joke has to lead to the next and follow a pattern, then at the end of the joke I need to properly craft it in order to release the proper laugh triggers to get the desired reaction.

I threw out all my old material because it was shit.  I rid myself of the toxic influences who were bringing me down and hampering my growth.  Now I’ve found the key to writing successful material because I know they WHY of being funny.  When you know the “why” you are in a position of power.  Some comics go onstage hoping the new material they have will work, but not knowing for sure because they don’t know how to properly script a joke that is sure to get laughs.  I am not an expert, nor am I the best comic on the planet, but what I do have is confidence that my new jokes will work.

I am ready to resurrect my comedy career and make every second on that stage count.  No longer will I have silence when I am onstage, no more being beaked at by the audience (not that it happens much to begin with), and no more trashing of me from the other comics onstage after my set it done.  Now my friends will have to comment that I’ve done a good job because the laughs will dictate it.  I am going to justify the confidence that my coach has in me to succeed and make this work.

Most other comics around these parts don’t know what I know, and I plan to use that knowledge of the “why” to my advantage.

Plus, I’m working on getting a solid set together to submit to a popular headliner in Western Canada to possibly get an opening/hosting set on his next tour.  It’s taken months of inactivity, but I am still committed more than ever.  My critics should get in my way because I’ll steamroll all you lippy cocksuckers and make you look stupid yet again.  You thought I wouldn’t succeed with my comedy coach the first time, and I proved you wrong.  If you are dumb enough to play that game again, you’re gonna get the same result, although this time I might get the pleasure of calling you out by name and throwing you under the bus for once, so people can see what a class act I’ve been dealing with all along.

Two weeks from today, the journey will continue.


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