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After a few weeks of a hiatus we are back with a new posting, and it focuses on my most recent comedy set in Regina a couple weeks ago as part of the Haris Khan’s Stand-Up For Charity fundraising shows.

This particular show was the Stand Up For Domestic Violence show at the Double Tree by Hilton.  It was a good show with many positives to take away from it.  Some say that I bombed, but I disagree.  That is a very narrow-minded view to take and the people who say bombed as a knee-jerk reaction are missing the bigger picture.  Let me explain.

I very rarely go and drink before going on stage, but for some reason I decided to do it on this night.  I do not need to drink to be comfortable on stage, let me be clear on that.  However, it did help with the loose and relaxed flow of my set, in addition to interacting with the crowd which I had not done much of up to that point.  Right before I went on stage I thought of a dating website for some reason.  Maybe I was lamenting the fact that I am single and alone…..anyhow, when I got up there, despite the fact that I had my five minutes of material planned out and ready to rock, it didn’t quite turn out that way.

On the bright side however, for the first few minutes I had the audience right where I wanted them.  Watch the link below.



It is true that my material didn’t reach the same level as the first couple minutes, and because of the ad-lib and adding to my material it added a couple minutes to the set.  It was a very good set and I always choose to see the positives from each time out.  There were a couple of spots where I could have changed the wording of the setups somewhat to get a better reaction, but overall it was a good set.  Even with the one set after my comeback, my comedy coach talked about the positives that I can take away from that set.  I have enough material that there are bits I have in my back pocket that I can use at any time when things are going wrong to get the audience back on side laughing.  I would rather play for smaller crowds and be funny versus playing for big crowds and be bullied or treated like shit.  Some people are toxic assholes and not worth it.

Again, thanks for the support and for following the blog.  More to come soon.

Be blessed!

I cannot tell you exactly why I couldn’t keep up the momentum from the start of my set.  I’m sure my critics have their opinions though, a meeting with my coach will help to determine that.  But with each new set, I am getting better laughs.  I don’t suck any more.  I am starting to develop some consistency, and that has some people jealous.  Well, tough shit.  I may not play to the big crowds on occasion in Saskatoon, but on the bright side I am treated much better and more confident on stage.

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