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I hope everyone had a great new year and peaceful, joyous Christmas holidays.

This last weekend I took part in my first interview as a comedian, being a guest on the Flabby Hoffman Radio show. It’s based out of Chicago on an AM community based radio station.

How it came about was because of a posting the radio host made on a closed Facebook comedy group.  He mentioned that he needed guests for his show and I was one of the first replies he received.  I told him a couple sentences about my story and that I was Canadian.  My girlfriend was like “I’m so proud of you”, and I said the only reason I got in was because I was on the of the first replies he received, so in my mind I just happened to be lucky enough to be the only Canadian that replied.

I called on my Skype account, they told me to call in a few minutes before the scheduled time.  I heard he had a co-host with him, so I figured I’d talk to that guy and tell him I was ready for the interview.  Well, I phone in, and all of the sudden the host says they have a caller.  Ohhhhh shit!  I didn’t think that was how it worked.  It caught me off guard to say the least, but we started the interview and talked for about 15 minutes.  He asked questions about Canada and Saskatoon, although I didn’t talk about my comedy as much as I would have liked to.  But being a new guest I can totally see why he’d want to spend the time breaking the ice and getting to know me.

The show is funny, a bit odd at times but Flabby is extremely insightful.  In the first half hour of listening to his show I think I could take his tidbits he passed along and kick ass on Jeopardy.

I announced my plans for my appearances in the USA this year too.  The Burbank Comedy Festival runs from August 16 – 23 this year.  They have acts like Wendy Leibman, Adam Corolla and Jeff Garlin from what I saw on the site.  Anyhow, I will be submitting my package to be part of the festival, but the application process won’t start until the beginning of April.

I do have a backup plan if I am not chosen.  At the end of the  nights during the festival there will be an underground show.  These shows are not affiliated with the festival officially, but it’s where all the big comics go after at the end of the night to maybe riff some new material, or to watch newcomers like myself.  What makes this more interesting is that it’s held at Flappers Comedy Club, the same club my coach happens to hold shows for the students of his comedy classes.

This is all dependent on work though.  August is still busy for me at my job but it does begin to slow down a bit leading up to Labour Day.  I will have to see in the next few weeks.

Lastly, this year is shaping up to be a big one, the biggest one yet for my comedy career yet.  I will be performing at the Laugh Shop in Regina in 2015, and I should be able to get back to Saskatoon for another crack at hosting. Since the agency doesn’t have many acts from the province, let alone Saskatoon (to the best of my knowledge), so I believe I have an advantage.  Though it’s not much of an advantage unless I do some local material, which I plan to try and expand on for this coming year.

If I am able to get to the comedy festival, and to the Comedy Store in Hollywood, that’s where Robin Williams got his start.  You never know who could be in the audience watching that night.  It’s an opportunity for me to possibly get that t.v. spot that my coach and I are shooting for.

Hang on tight, it’s going to be an exciting ride this year!  Be blessed!

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