The Opposite Of Risk Averse Is Me

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It’s been almost five years now.  I don’t get asked to join the local guys out of town on gigs.  I am the only local comic who gets left behind and never asked.  I’m an easy target for lazy comedians who need a cheap laugh.  When they can’t do their own material they bash me, even when I’m not with the others performing.  That’s the way it goes.

But it’s time to change that.  Time to see if I can force my way into the conversation somehow.

I would like to start taking some corporate gigs away from the other comics who usually get them.  While that might sound harsh, a little competition never hurt anyone, right?

At some point this fall I will be debuting a different “angle” to Trevor Dean.  It’s something that, to the best of my knowledge is not being done by anybody else (comedy wise) in this city, province or country.  Not sure it’s being done south of the border either.  Best part is, it’s completely legal for me to do.

Will it work?  It might.  It might not.  But unlike some comics, I’m not scared of failure.  What bothers me more is not trying at all.  It might take off like wildfire and bring out the haters once again.  It might take a while for the idea to catch on, or it may go nowhere.  It all depends on the work that I put into it.  A second comedy page will be created starting on September 1 for this new angle.  The debut date has not yet been determined but it’s something everyone will want to see.

This idea was mine from the start, developed with the assistance of my comedy coach in Los Angeles.  We will be working together to develop this angle into the polish and professionalism that it deserves.  Aside from my comedy coach, there is only one other person that will be aware of my plans.

This will take at least a couple of months to develop.  I have never spoken to anyone about this before, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for the last little while.

The difference between me and other comics is that I’m not afraid to step out and try.  I may fail, there’s always that possibility.  I may write about the (possible) failure, but at least I try.  I’m willing to be different from everybody else, to not sound the same, to dress a bit nicer on stage.

It’s time to shake up the comedy landscape in this city, or at least give it a shot.  My friends who know me well can attest that you should know better than to bet against me.

It’s time to get to work.  Stay tuned.  You won’t believe what’s coming this fall.


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