Have Turban, Will Travel

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I had a friend recently talk to me about Carnac the Mediocre.  This friend suggested that I maybe take Carnac to the retirement homes to do.

While it’s an interesting and unique idea, I believe it comes with uncertainty and more questions than answers.

I don’t want Carnac to become a novelty act.  I would like it to be a legitimate, solid and respectable act.  Plus, I am not sure the audience would necessarily “get” the material.  For starters, what level of care home would it be?  Secondly, I am concerned that even if they have their faculties it still may be difficult to get laughs from the material.

Keep in mind that the jokes delivered by Carnac essentially are done in reverse.  This means not only does Carnac have the complete attention of the audience, but that more time is needed after delivering the “question” (punchline) in order for the audience to piece together the joke (ie: configurational comedy).

The goal at the end of the day is to get laughs, obviously.  But I am not sure a retirement home is the best “venue” for this particular character.  I don’t want to get into further specifics about why I believe it would not be successful, at the risk of offending people who care for their parents or loved ones in a facility such as these.

It’s a good idea, but not the proper venue.  I felt it better to write about it here, as it’s easier for me to organize my thoughts as I have had a couple days to think about this.

Lastly, Carnac is taking a much deserved vacation for the rest of the year.  He will be back in 2017 with brand new material.  However, remember that for the foreseeable future, Carnac’s appearances will not be made public.  Much like The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, sometimes you watched because you weren’t sure if you’d see it that night or not.  That is what I want to create for myself.

Every time you see Trevor Dean at the Laugh Shop or at a show, there is the chance that Carnac will make an appearance. Regardless of how likely the possibility is for Carnac to appear, there is always a chance.  If that brings you out to a show because you aren’t sure whether you will see it or not, then I have done part of my job.

The other half of the job is to make you laugh, whether it’s Trevor Dean or Carnac on stage.  Have fun guessing!

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