The Last Show On The Biggest Stage

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I appreciate the kind words from some of you regarding my decision to continue with the blog.  I tried to hand it off to another local comedian, but he told me it isn’t the same unless it’s coming straight from me.  Despite how shitty my life is at the moment, it made me feel better.  For a moment.

Anyhow, in November I plan to contact the booking agent for The Laugh Shop to let them know I am not quitting comedy.  I also plan to make it known that I still want the Saskatoon end of the weekend shows in January, and that will be my last for the Laugh Shop.  If they need a replacement on short notice, I would do that, but I will no longer try to get shows from them.  They have my number, and if they needed a replacement act on short notice, I’d certainly be there.  But the likelihood of getting shows at Laugh Shop locations outside of the province, let alone getting any more in Saskatoon, will be slim at best.

In the time I decided to quit, then deciding to return to the stage, I have garnered interest from people wanting to come see me live; some haven’t seen me before and there are some of you who haven’t seen me in a while.  So, why not have my last Laugh Shop show in Saskatoon, in front of the people who know me best.  Yes, that means you.

I will be okay with doing open mics getting anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes of stage time from now on because for those of you who follow me know, opportunities don’t ever come my way in the local comedy scene.

I have started to churn some new material in my head.  I have yet to go back and review the material Jerry edited with me a couple months ago.  We did five pages, and it took an hour.  That is how dedicated, how meticulous one needs to be with comedy writing.  Once you have the material hashed out, look at it every day and go over it.  The more you read it before going on stage, the better you will be able to craft the joke how you want it.

I will be working with Jerry in the coming weeks to restructure the 30+ pages of material I’ve written this year.  Until I hit The Laugh Shop stage, I will not be performing.  Sure, by the time January rolls around that means it will be my first set in about six months.  Before you ask about rust, go back and watch my video for the Regina Food Bank fundraiser at the U of R.  That was the first time I did the mannequin closer.  It was the first time in months since I had been on stage, and it went pretty well.  I’m good in front of a crowd.  All I need to do is rehearse and I will be fine.

I’ve had enough of being told I’m not good enough.  Come January, I will be made a fuss over for once.  The show will be heavily promoted on social media, and I will give the audience their moneys worth.  Some material will be new, some will be old but I guarantee if it’s going to be my last time on The Laugh Shop stage, it’s going to be memorable.

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