We’re Different Up Here

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It has been interesting to read of the downfall of some of the top stars in the entertainment world in recent weeks, most noticeably of Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey.

Their actions are inexcusable, and the fact they continued well into their respective careers is even more of a shock, given the public persona each tries to portray.

What I can tell you about the comedy scene around these parts is pretty simple.  If a comic is an asshole, it’s usually to other comedians.  From being in the comedy world for over six years now, I know many of the comics for who they really are.  About half of them aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.  They are as phony as a counterfeit currency note.  Some comics I trust know who these people are, and a couple of trusted friends.  But that’s where it ends.  It isn’t broadcasted on social media or spread like wildfire like the game “telephone” you played when you were younger.

As phony and arrogant as some comics are, I can safely say that it’s a good thing they are phony, because they present a side to the audience and non-comedians alike that makes them look like caring, upstanding individuals.  Now, I am not here to out anybody.  I don’t need to ruffle any feathers and have people whine to me.  Well, they won’t whine to me, not many do.  They just simply talk behind my back and complain to anyone who will listen.

The comedy world in these parts is but a small one.  If there is a story about a comedian that involves an impropriety, it’s safe to say that most times every person in that story was a willing participant.  In other words, nobody was forced to do anything against their will or be subjected to an awkward moment.  As comedians, we try to save those awkward moments for the stage.  Gigs are tough to come by in a small comedy centre such as this one, and I believe as comedians we are mindful of that and treat the audience and general public pretty well.  Well, there is one exception to that point, but I do not have enough time in a day to get into it.

We re comedians.  We are Canadians, and we are from Saskatchewan.  We do things differently up here.  For that, I am pretty thankful.

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