Adults That Don’t Grow Up

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You can generally tell who your friends are, and who they aren’t, by how they act in the defining moments. Even acquaintances whom you would consider to be on good terms with, will show their true colours in these moments. Allow me to briefly explain.

I know that some local comedian(s) wanted me to fail at the Regina show on March 3rd. Here is what separates me from them.

There are some comedians in the provincial scene I am not on speaking terms with, nor do I trust them. Some of them do fundraisers and get booked on shows at professional comedy clubs.

I do not begrudge people for making a living, regardless of how big of an asshole, fraud, manipulator or phony they may be.

For some reason, certain comedians like to secretly record my sets without my knowledge (I know of three who have done this). I also know that they like to trumpet their cause and let people know that I am not qualified or capable (in their opinions) of performing at certain venues, or capable of receiving coaching to get better at comedy.

I don’t go behind other comics backs and try to subterfuge gigs. There is more than enough work to go around, but for some reason standing up for yourself makes you a target.

All I will say about the Regina show is that there were circumstances beyond my control that set me up for failure before I hit the stage. Remember, I’ve studied comedy for the last five years with one of the best teachers in the business. There is more to stand-up success than telling the jokes. Much, much, much more.

I encountered situations during that set that I had not encountered since I first started comedy 6.5 years ago. It left me feeling demoralized, frustrated, useless and angry.

All the open mics in Saskatoon would not have adequately prepared me to deal with what happened that night. I haven’t had much experience in the last couple years as an opener/MC, that lead to some struggles.

At least I have the courage and humility to admit the shortcomings.

The question going forward is, will I get an opportunity back at the pro club here in the city, despite the setback from a couple weeks ago? A lot of it depends on you.

Most of you reading this have no idea what failure if really like until you’ve failed on a comedy stage, like really fail.

Lots of you will follow me and post the occasional comment online, but never come to a show. There is a reason why I invested $400 of my own money to prepare as best I could for the Regina show. I spent the first several weeks of 2018 creating new material, then putting in hours and hours of rewrites and rehearsal once the gig was announced.

A headliner told me that my new stuff has “some very, very, very good premises, that just need a bit of punching up”, meaning the punchlines need small tweaks. I haven’t had that kind of compliment from any comedian in many, many months.

The new material is different and covers topics that other comedians aren’t talking about. I’m proud of the new material and excited for it….at least I used to be, until the Regina show sucked most of the life from it, and from my confidence.

If I am able to get a booking for an opening slot here in Saskatoon, would other local comics celebrate and help promote it? Would they stay silent? Would they continue the whispering behind my back?

I have sold out rooms before in this city when I first debuted at the pro comedy club a few years back. When I debuted Carnac, I only had a ten minute slot, yet friends I knew purchased two tables of tickets.


My friends knew I was on for only 10 minutes of the 90 minute show, and they still purchased two tables anyway.

Whether you realize it or not, your silence and inactivity (not attending live shows) helps add to the perception that I’m not appreciated, and that I’m not worth coming out to watch.

If you were in my shoes, it would more than likely crush you to go on stage night after night and not have anybody there to see you. Try having that happen for the majority of the shows over 6.5 years.

Will you continue to perpetuate the stereotype that already exists, or will you stand alongside me, show support and help stand up to the whispering, bullying voices that continue behind my back?

They say people vote with their wallets. If that is true, the next Saskatoon gig that I secure may be a referendum in more ways than one.


  1. Jenny
    Mar 14, 2018

    I was wondering how it went in Regina. I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t quite the show you were hoping for but I’d like to hear the new stuff! Will you bring it to any of the open mics in Saskatoon?

    • Trevor Dean
      Mar 14, 2018

      I will. More than likely will be this coming Sunday night, if I’m welcome.

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