If A Tree Fell In The Forest…….

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I don’t know how it happened, but it did.  I finally got a reaction from the audience that the other comics get with way more regularity, and I did it by being completely clean after majority of the other comics before me were anything but.

Before I knew it, halfway through my set I started telling the new one-liner that I wrote and I kid you not, halfway through telling it the volume of their response just got louder, and louder, and louder, so much so that I wasn’t sure they heard the tail end of the one-liner because they were that loud in laughter to what I was saying.

Will I tell you what I said?  Absolutely not.  Why should I?  What do I owe you, the person reading this who has never come to see me live, or hasn’t seen me in ages?

Telling you what I said takes away from the moment, and it’s a moment I will remember because I never get these.

Just remember this…..

The majority of the comics before me weren’t clean and got really big laughs from their material.  Then I came on with completely clean material and matched the response from the audience.

So, what’s your excuse?  Why haven’t you come out to a show yet?  If I did that once, don’t you think I can replicate that magic again?

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