Comedians Are The Bolt Cutters Of Life

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If you are a comedian and going through something horrible in your life, you will probably write about it.  then you become a person outside of yourself who is viewing what happened.  You aren’t in there feeling the emotions, the pain of what happened.  It’s like a third-person narrative of your life with you as the author.

If done properly a comedian can break the chains of fear and other negative emotions that surrounded the bad things that happen in their lives.  I mean, who else would go on stage and talk about their personal lives, intimate details, to complete strangers in order to get laughs?  Does your pastor?  Your father?  Spouse?  Best friend?

NO.  I contend they don’t because they aren’t looking for laughs in that moment.  They are looking for sympathy, help or mercy.  Sometimes one of those things, or all of the above.  Also, the majority of people won’t air their “dirty laundry” in public for fear of being judged.  It’s easy to judge somebody when humour isn’t involved.

I don’t think fear ever plays into a comics ability to write or be scared of what somebody will think of what they say on stage.  If anything, the fear a comedian feels is just the simple act of being on stage.

Right now with this Corona virus stuff going on, you have to admit that there is a bit of fear mongering going on.  The media is doing a great job of helping to spread that fear.  The world needs people to be fearless, to stand up and break the chains of fear.  That’s where comedians come in.

More than being on stage with each other, local comedians enjoy the fellowship more, knowing there are other people like them who want to get up on stage.  Never was this more apparent than in the last couple of days when I go the chance to converse with a few of them in an online group chat.

I’m not sure why, but comedians around these parts are coming up with different things to do that are comedy related except the one thing this pandemic stopped them from doing, and that’s getting on stage and telling jokes, stories, or both.

I once had a local comic shoot down the idea of an online open mic, but my how the tide turns.  In these days desperate times require not desperate measures, but the ability to think outside of the box and get things done.  You can tell the ones who have let fear or depression begin to sink in (due to martial law being imposed), because they are the first ones to enthusiastically support an online open mic here in the city.

People are looking for courageous souls to help them break the chains of fear and oppression, and to laugh again.  Laughing does so many positive things for the body and the mind.  Comics don’t need to feel the need to talk about Corona virus, they just have to be funny, and try to be relatable.

Us comedians are the original mavericks, and soon we will ride into town to save the day.

Details for the online open mic are coming soon.  And yes, you are all invited to watch.

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