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Well, another birthday is upon me.  I couldn’t have called this year to go the way it has even if I made most of it up.

This year saw the radio show finally get off the ground, taking another extended break from the stage, eating shit on stage, changing jobs again, losing my vehicle (it died, I didn’t forget where I parked the piece of shit), fighting with my parents, getting hateful anonymous comments and dealing with this “pandemic” that’s turned everyone into a bunch of scared people, at least that’s the nice way of putting what I really think.

It has been a busier year than in previous ones, with a steady job and a radio show that takes up far more time than I ever imagined.  It’s better than the alternative of no job, no money, no woman (not like I have one now) and no prospects for the future of any kind.

Doing the radio show online while the station is closed is a bit of a challenge, especially when the deadline to get the completed show to the station is Tuesday night.  We can’t do promos every week but the show is only a half hour since it’s been moved up into the prime time slot on Thursday evenings.  Needless to say, it will be nice to be back in my regular time slot and doing the show from the radio station.

Even though this past year was busy, it was also stable because the job and the show were the two things that I continued to keep throughout.  Maybe that’s a good sign going forward.  The breaks in comedy may still come, it depends what life has to throw at me, and what happens after that.

With the pandemic and peoples paranoia, it’s difficult to go at stand-up full boar.  Us comedians will need to think outside of the box to stay ahead of things.  I’ve already been ahead of most in that regard with my Carnac character, this blog and the radio show, although Carnac is the only one of those three things that will be retired/rebranded very soon (more on that in future posts).

Doing the online comedy shows has brought some of the local comics into the fray where we socialize and work together, which is something I was reluctant to do because of my lack of trust within the community.  There are still some I do not trust, but that number has (thankfully) dwindled considerably.  These online shows have given us a chance to get to know each other and have authentic conversations which I don’t think were taking place before all this nonsense started.

I hope that regardless of what happens in my 47th year that it sees me being included more within the community.  Whatever happens to come my way in terms of opportunity, you can be sure that I will first and foremost try to get the local comics included, even if I never get the same courtesy extended to me.

Happy birthday to me.  I have to get some sleep.  Lucky me gets to work all day tomorrow and not get home til late in the evening.  Yee haw.  Work for minimum wage, no microwave in the lunchroom and taking the bus home.

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