The Alphabet To Overcoming Failure

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I know that I am not a success like some of you who read this.  My family lets me know.  Other comics let me know.  My critics let me know.  However, I do know something about standing your ground in the face of criticism, lies, slander and threats.  If you want to learn how to be an overcomer, I’m here to help you.  If there is one thing you should know about my blog thus far, it’s that I always usually find a way to rise up again.

A is for adversity.  You will never learn the lessons you need to in life unless you encounter rough, stormy waters, regardless of how you ended up there!

B is for beauty.  Though it’s tough to see when you’re mired knee deep in stormy seas, there will be beauty for your ashes.

C is for charade.  The word means “an empty or deceptive act or pretense.”  The people who want you to fail will go to great lengths to get people to believe what they want them to, based on their own fear and/or insecurities.

D is for double.  While you may get hit with a double whammy or trouble or strife, know that the Bible says in Zechariah 9:12 that the Lord will repay you two blessings for each of your troubles.

E is for excellence.  Even if you don’t feel like it or see no evidence of it in your life, you will need to start each day with greater expectations for yourself.  Tell yourself you won’t settle for anything less than the best.  Even if you were a screw-up the day before, today is a new day.  Be excellent today.

F is for fear.  Probably 99% of bullying and your critics come from fear.  They fear you will be better than they are, meaning they get noticed less.  Or, they will be found out for who they really are.  Know that their treatment of you is almost always based on fear.  Understand this and it’s impossible for that person to make you feel defeated anymore.

G is for God.  Yes, I said the “G” word.  Try your best to get Him involved in your situation.  As long as you make an effort, even with faith the size of a mustard seed, things can, and will change in your life.

H is for help.  I don’t care who you are, nobody, and I mean nobody in this life gets anywhere without the help of at least one other person.  Some will have you believe it’s all up to you.  Don’t believe that lie.  Think about it, how do you get that bank loan?  the new job?  that date you always wanted?  favour?  Somebody on the other end makes it happen.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I is for ignition.  The motor we call change cannot start without the first step from you.  That means to start the ignition and move forward.  Even if everything around you is negative, don’t let that stall your vehicle of change.  As long as you make an effort to change, you will move forward.  Even if nothing changes around you right away, you’ll feel better about yourself in the end because you are breaking the cycle of negativity.

J is for Jesus.  Chances are you will need healing.  We all do.  It comes down to whether or not we get to that place of humility and admit that we were not created to carry the burdens of life on our own.  Offload your cares onto him.  If you don’t know how, Google it, or better yet, just get real with yourself and ask him in prayer for help to heal.

K is for knives.  Lots of them will be thrown your way from all directions, and sometimes from people you’d least expect it from.  Instead of throwing them back, sharpen them and use them to refine your skills and senses.  In other words, what others throw at you, use it to your advantage to make you a stronger person.  When you don’t retaliate, that builds character.

L is for love.  When you are struggling, love will show up in bunches from people you may not expect it from, and from those you would.  When you have the genuine love from your friends and others, your victory cannot be stopped.

M is for materialism.  Things have a way of defining us from a success point of view.  Don’t fall into that trap.  I hardly have anything of value.  I rent, drive a used vehicle with over 178,000 kms on it, no money in the bank and a very poor RRSP, yet I know that I live a far richer, more rewarding life than most I know.  I volunteer, attend an amazing church, do comedy, have a life coach, a comedy coach, and many friends that span all across the socio-economic spectrum.

N is for nutrients.  Nutrients are good for your body.  Don’t forget what it’s like to eat good food, not just fast food and soft drinks all the time.  I believe that nutrients can also mean words.  Surround yourself with others whom you trust to feed you good food and good words.  If you have no people like that in your life, believe me when I tell you that strangers are more than willing to do this for you.  (hint:  it’s called church)

O is for opportunity.  You cannot stay defeated and stuck when opportunity comes around.  Be ready to recognize it and seize the moment when it does.  Remember, you may not feel like you’re properly qualified or equipped to handle the opportunity, but why would it have come across your path otherwise?  Embrace it.

P is for pessimism.  When you try new things that go against the norm, others will line up to try and talk you out of it, or talk down about you.  Don’t let those words bother you.  You will find that the people whose dissenting voices are the loudest, are the ones who will never educate themselves on the situation to come up with a constructive argument.

Q is for quiet.  Sometimes in the middle of a storm, you just need to stand your ground.  Your actions will often dictate the actions of those around you as well.  If you don’t create a firestorm of drama, if you stay peaceful and calm in the middle of stormy seas, then those around you won’t be so inclined to take delight in your peril.

R is for rights.  You seriously need to give these up.  Think about it.  When Jesus was sent to die, he was sinless and blameless.  Don’t you know that he had the power, ability and the right to have the whole process of going to the cross halted?  At any point he could have commanded angels to save him, for God to intervene, or just open his mouth and declare the injustice that was taking place.  But, he didn’t.  That’s why we celebrate Easter.  If you hold on to the rights you think you have, you will live bitter and full of animosity and mistrust.  The only real right you have is that of God’s children, meaning we have the right to be successful, healthy and prosperous.  Practice forgiveness.

S is for showtime.  There will come a time and place where the spotlight is upon you as you move forward.  Be prepared for it, and please know that everybody in life when they go through storms, do not last forever in the deep and rough waters.  Everyone comes through it.

T is for tumultuous.  When you work your way through struggle, believe me when I tell you that your life may resemble a gong show or your favourite soap opera in the outside world.  Don’t let the storms of life keep you from moving forward or at the very least, from standing your ground.  Keep the peace.  Keep your eye on the prize, knowing better days are ahead.

U is for utilize.  Expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone.  Victory in your struggles often requires us to take an unusual or an uncomfortable step for us.  Every person you meet, you should view as an opportunity to help you grow.  There are people that can help you get to where you want to be right now.  Be brave and take advantage of the relationships you presently have.

V is for victory.  I cannot tell you when, but it does come.  Bad times don’t last forever.

W is for wow.  When you emerge victorious over your struggle, you will be amazed at how many people you inspire.

X is for xerox.  If you are unsure where to start moving forward, it’s always best to learn from others.  The most successful people in the world have all had failure.  Use Google or Wikipedia to read the bios of famous people.  Everybody fails, it’s how you move forward that defines you.

Y is for you.  Nobody can make you take the first step to change.  Even if somebody tells you something to inspire you, it’s only because you made the decision to open your mind and let those words get deep inside you to effect change.

Z is for zealous.  Stay committed to the cause.  Keep moving forward daily, no matter how small the step.


  1. Vern
    Feb 12, 2018

    I loved this post!
    I could almost see you there at the keyboard, contemplating each letter as you went along. So many of these thoughts resonated with me, as I’m sure it will with many of your followers.
    Life is not fair, but we ARE what we make of the opportunities we are given. Keep on this path of positivity and you are sure to prosper!
    Every battle is not worth winning, when we choose wisely we RISE!!

    • Trevor Dean
      Feb 12, 2018

      Um…..I was in my bath robe at the time. I didn’t contemplate too long either. I just kind of sat down and did it. Thinking about it for too long kills the vibe of the piece, but the compliment is appreciated nonetheless.

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