In The Dark About Being In The Dark

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Eight years…… two websites……. four Facebook fan pages…… an Instagram account……. a radio show……. three Twitter handles….. over a dozen videos online……..

what’s it all for?

It’s one thing if this blog just started and you were reading about my struggles to gain relevance in stand-up comedy.  But that isn’t the case.  This blog has a global following and every month for the last eight years I have written at least one post.  What other comedian around these parts has more than one website or multiple social media accounts on the same social media platform?  Nobody does.

I was reminded last weekend why I don’t trust many local comics, if any.

Some people get on their high horse and accuse me of talking shit.  But the last time I checked, talking shit isn’t the same as being honest and authentic.  If I wanted to be fake and pretend to be pleasant to others, I would go back to date my ex-girlfriend.

The scope of this blog has changed since it started, shifting from the inside stories of the local comedy scene to solely focused on my comedy, my life and the similarities between the two.  I did this because certain people got pissy when I talked about the goings on.  I didn’t lie and misquote them.  I also did not post our conversations to do anybody harm.  I just figured it would be a neat way to give my friends some insight towards the world of comedy and comedians.

Then, as I got mistreated by local comics and threatened, I started to make the posts more personal and it’s kind of stayed that way ever since.  Now, I am 46 years old and it’s not in my DNA to be sociable with people just for the sake of being sociable.  I am not wired that way.  Thankfully.

I would say more, but why bother.  I might hurt somebody’s feelings and in this Liberal dominated society we live in today, somebody might complain and have my blog removed.


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