Where Did Everybody Go?

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I was scrolling through clips of Facebook videos that were posted to the Comedy Central page, when I came across one from a concept that was done a few years back.  It’s called 7 minutes in purgatory.  It’s a short clip.  Take a look at it below.


If you look up the synonyms for the word purgatory you will find that most of them relate to a stand-up comedy set that’s gone terribly awry, in other words like 90% of my sets turn out.

When a comic gets no laughs, it’s literally hell on earth.  It really is.  Or, when a comic plays to an empty room, or a room that’s nearly empty, if you don’t get the laughs it can be pure agony for the performer on stage.

So the question becomes, who would ever agree to such a setup like 7 Minutes In Purgatory?  A better question yet would be, would any local comic take on such a challenge?  I think not.

I seem to be the only one that puts themselves out there knowing there is a chance failure could happen.  Like with the Dope Fades show where it’s an online open mic and the audience you see via webcam.  People around here are scared to try such a thing.  Then again, I can see why.  When people like you and you are funny, why would you put yourself in a situation where you could fail?  People might see you aren’t perfect and expose you!

I would try such a setup because failure is what the majority of my comedy career has been predicated on.  That, and isolation as well as bullying.  I have nothing more to say.

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