You Need A Set Of Eyes To See A Vision

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On my personal Facebook page, I have unfollowed every single one of my friends.  I no longer receive their status updates to pop up on my news feed.  This means that on occasion, I miss something of significance to comment or support.  This has happened more than once.  I’ve also unfollowed every single news page and disassociated myself from every news outlet on social media because of this pandemic.  The news media has presented daily negativity and it just gets to be too much.  If I want that much negativity I’ll go to my parents house and have them lecture me on what a disappointment my life has been.  #thanksbutnothanks

Some people like to post memes and sayings and rehash these positivity mantras with the same message but worded differently.  Those bore me.

So, what populates my Facebook newsfeed?  What comes up are stories and videos from pages that I follow or like that are meant to inspire, educate, entertain and to help broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge base.

One of the pages I follow had a “sermon” by a pastor as part of a seminar for men a few years back.  It was designed to help men become better men.  Dr. Myles Monroe has since passed away, but his messages are still very powerful.  I believe him and his wife were killed in a helicopter crash when he was in his early 50s.  Anyhow…..

He had this one video where he talked to the men about finding a woman to be your wife, and how men should view and treat their wives.

He said that woman was created to be a helper, to help a man achieve his goals and dreams.  Makes sense.  But some women I told that to take offense, saying that women aren’t helpers, they are independent and need to be looked at as equals.

While that is a valid point, Dr. Monroe starts the video by trying to lift the pulpit in the church where he is speaking.  It’s long, grand and heavy.  It does not move.  He said if he wanted to move that pulpit, he needs helpers, meaning the help would have to be as strong, or stronger than him in order to move it.

So, without getting too deep here, Dr. Monroe contends that for a woman to be a helper she has to be as strong or stronger than the man.  Also, he says that a woman is frustrated by a man that lacks vision or by a man that has no dreams.  If a man has no dreams, no vision for the future, how can she help get him there?  It’s a great video, only a few minutes long.  To understand the full context of what he’s talking about, you can view the video below (it’s only about 7 minutes long)

I say all that to mention this.  I have a vision.  Visions are your destination.  The dreams are the path you take to get there.  Pretty deep, hey?

I have a vision and dreams that are different and on a larger, much larger scale than most comics I know.  In order for me to achieve that vision, I need help.  I believe that I will need a helper, because as Dr. Munroe said, a woman completes a man.  I have lived 90% of my life as a single guy and I can attest that it takes much more work, effort and a bit of stress to achieve what you want, when having the right woman by your side can cut that time dramatically and save you a lot of hassle in the process.

Some comics I have talked to don’t have a vision, because they aren’t sure of their end game.  That’s fair, because some are still fairly new to the game and need time to figure out the path they need to travel.  But my ideas and goals have always been outside of the norm for Saskatoon comedy, on a much larger scale that usually involves people from outside the province to make happen.  Even if the help comes in the form of encouragement, love and support, that is sometimes enough to get the job done.  When a guy feels like a woman is “in it to win it” and their intentions are sincere, and they come from a place of authenticity, guys will generally let their guard down and let the woman in on their vision/plans/goals/dreams.  At least that’s what I think.

I am a freshly turned 47 years old, and I can honestly say that I have never had a real relationship, in the sense that I have never been with a woman who is authentic, genuine and sincere (long story).  A woman that concedes she is imperfect, one that has nothing to hide, one that will allow their true selves to be revealed (and not just in the tough times) is the type of lady I would like to have in my life.  The right woman in my life will catapult my comedy career and skyrocket past others like a Ferrari driving down the Autobahn while tourists stand on the side of the road to take a whiz, if you get what I’m saying.

I do not subject myself to the news media, or to the same recycled cliches and rhetoric that adorns most Facebook walls.  I need authenticity, I need value, substance, inspiration and an education.  The people who stick to cliches and mantras are hiding, in a sense, and taking shortcuts to try and get to where they want to be.

Okay, I admit that this post kind of diverted away from comedy for a minute, but what do you expect from a 47 year old, perpetually single, lonely and bored guy?  Oh, you expect better?  I suppose you have a point there.

It’s not a matter of if I find that woman, but a matter of when.  Whenever that woman appears by my side to be a helper (in the sense that Dr. Munroe taught on), then watch out world.  My vision and dreams will accelerate to completion at a rapid pace.  I believe it because I think it every day.  Every day I see it, and whatever I see in my mind usually comes to pass.

Albert Einstein said that your imagination is a preview to life’s coming attractions.

He couldn’t have been more right.

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